First Look At Transformer Sideways

With a new Transformers movie there comes new characters. I’m not sure why Michael Bay would choose to ignore the catalogs of existing classic Transformer characters to being in brand new or completely obscure ones… but whatever… it’s his movie.

Along those lines Bay has released an image of a new Transformer called “Sideways”… a gigantic robotic war machine capable of massive destructive power… not to be confused with the Paul Giamatti movie about an aging man who loves wine… but I can see how you might get those two mixed up.

Our friends over at Screen Rant points out something that caught my attention too about this picture: “He sure looks similar to Barricade, the Decepticon police car from the first film who by a blatant plot hole disappeared during one scene never to return in the movie again. There are rumors that say this is simply that character in the form of a different vehicle but there’s nothing confirmed on that front.

Meh… I dig the look.

  • believe it or not sideways is the one that breaks through that building in the trailer.I own the movie.