Clash of the Titans Teaser Trailer is Online!

While many sites claiming to have the new teaser trailer for Clash of the Titans are instead delivering the merciless hand of YouTube’s copyright compliance to have the video removed from their convenient database, ThinkHero has saved the day.

This looks utterly amazing and I am even willing to forgive the complete lack of golden clockwork owls in this trailer!

All those people who said this was a classic that should not be remade need to look Medusa in the eye and appologize right now!

  • Jim

    Well, we know who the trailers are aimed at I guess.

  • ramsey carr

    I just peed my pants. This looks so awesome. I got chills. I can’t wait to see this.

  • Athenys

    The music ruined it for me. This is much better:

  • 420BAND

    Looks Awesome, hope the follow ups are consistent (trailers) Loved the original as a kid this should do the same for this generation.

  • taylor

    I almost always agree with your opinions Rodney. But I was not impressed with this trailer. I guess I’m tired of movies relying on pretty visuals to tell the story.

    I realize that this is just a trailer and they are probably appealing to a certain demographic.

    I hope there is a compelling script and story in there somewhere.

  • Kaneda979

    Very cool trailer, pretty damn good for a teaser. Loved the size of those giant scorpions at the beginning.

    The only thing that really bothered me was the guitar riffs in the song, rest of the song I thought fit well. I was cool to have that kind of soundtrack in 300, cuz 300 was a comic book movie and meant to be a little over the top and a very male testosterone drive film. Plus it was a very cool soundtrack.

    I’m hoping that Clash of the Titans’ soundtrack will be more epic and traditional, but still have a hard hitting side to it, just without modern guitar jams.