Chase Crawford Of Gossip Girl To Lead Footloose Remake

Under the category of “This is an insanely bad idea” Paramount is steaming full speed ahead with it’s planned remake of the Kevin Bacon vehicle known as Footloose. I want to spit just thinking about it. It’s not because I hate remakes (I actually think they CAN be good things) this remaking this particular film is a bad idea and in my opinion nothing good can come of this. Oh well… I’ve been wrong before. Oh wait… no… that was someone else.

Anyway, there was word for the longest time that current flavor of the month heart throb Zac Efron was going to be getting his foot loose, but that eventually died. It’s now been announced that Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford will be dancing the dance of rebellion. The folk over at FilmGecko give us this:

Hayden Panettiere is rumored to star in the movie, as well. Kenny Ortega, who helmed the “High School Musical” movies, will direct and produce “Footloose,” scheduled for a 2010 release.

I’ve never seen an episode of Gossip Girl so I can’t comment on Crawford’s ability. Any of you guys have an opinion on him?

  • Luis

    Let’s just say Chace Crawford is no Kevin Bacon. (Which is a good thing)

  • Evan

    The guys from Gossip Girl are actually all good actors. With that being, this is still a bad idea.

  • I don’t mind a remake myself. I’d also rather hear new songs, and not covers of songs (but the title song is probably a given)..,that article/news story helps this even more because it has some slight relevance.

    By the way…Footloose is one of the 80’s films which had a great soundtrack. It is also a film in which I hated with a passion.

    Go ahead folks. Remake it. You can’t do any worse.
    Just don’t make the kids a bunch of rebellious know it alls who whine and dare to drink, fool around and wear T shirts that says DANCE YOUR ASS OFF. Then, when the town and religious folks take a step back and cave in but with some guidelines and give them some responsibility, the kids then abuse the privilege. I loved the soundtrack as any other kid my age at the time.

    I hated Footloose
    I hated Footloose
    I hated Footloose
    I hated Footloose
    I hated Footloose
    I hated Footloose

    I hated Kevin I hated Lori I hated Chris…

  • LAgirl

    WHY DID THEY CHOOSE THE DIRECTOR FROM HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL TO DIRECT THIS!!!!! A classic movie is about to turn into a sappy piece of crap!

  • Matt S

    Do any religious orders still hate music and dancing enough to ban their children from participating in them. Is this movie gonna be set in the Middle East or something, with Bin Laden as the strict father figure?

    Yeah, BAD idea.

  • Gee what’s next, a remake of “Plan 9 from Outer Space”, done as a serious drama???? Stop while your ahead guys–a REALLY bad idea!

  • 3R!C

    Footloose is classic, this is going to be in the same pile as with that Karate Kid remake.

  • faz

    I really don’t like any of the teen actors around these days, none of them can act. It’s strange to think the guy from gossip girl who speaks constantly in one tone and lacks expression is going to replace Kevin bacon.

  • Why are so many men looking more and more like women lately? Not a good look.

    • kiyo

      so sad and so true. never a good thing when a guy spends more time in the mirror than you do.

  • I would say that this film is a bad idea, but it’s not a film that is made for any of us. It has it’s own demographic and while I think this would be much better being put to say, The Disney Channel as a tv movie, it will do it’s business, and none of us will see it.

    That said, the film, if you want to take this news and film without that clarifier, it will suck. It’s going to suck giant balls. And that is a totally fair statement to make. I totally agree with you John, but it’s not a film that is being made for us.