An American Werewolf In London Remake

Without question and hands down my favorite horror film of all time is EASILY “An American Werewolf in London“. I mean holy hell… I still can’t watch that movie by myself in the dark. The “sequel” (and I use that term loosely) was just pathetic, but it in no way detracts from my love of the original. And no matter how bad the remake is… the original is still there and still in tact.

Yes you read that right. Dimensions has purchased the rights from John Landis to do a remake of “An American Werewolf In London”. The good folks over at Bloody Disgusting give us this:

John Landis has sold the remake rights for An American Werewolf In London to Dimension Films. As Halloween II makes its way into theaters, the Weinstein brothers are hard at work at getting the Hellraiser remake off the ground and now will be retelling the story of two American tourists in England who are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.

I’m all for remakes in general… and even though I think this one has little to no chance of being anywhere near as good as the original, I hope that people will be moved to check out the John Landis classic when they hear about this incarnation. Here’s the trailer for the original:

  • carnivore

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. Why did Landis sell the rights to these schmucks in the first place?

  • Loved finding your blog and reading your opinion. Remakes aren’t always the best….sometimes the originals are just not to be outdone.

  • Maggie

    I totally love werewolf movies. Dog Soldiers being my favorite, but I also very much love An American Werewolf in London. I am intreaged to see what they will do with the remake of An American Werewolf in London, but I dont think it will be nearly as good as the original. Through my experience with watching werewolf movies, either the movie is amazing, or a total flop.

  • tony fisher

    The end of The Wolfman 2010 had some similarities to AAWIL and the ending was left open. Could this be the sequel to a new AAWIL because we never found out the origin of the original werewolf that bit David or why there was something wrong with East Proctor. A remake could answer these questions, bring it on it’s got to be brilliant if it keeps a similar theme.

  • roma

    this is going to be super freaking awesome!!! a remake with all the digital technology helllllllllllllllll yeahhhhhh!!!! CANT FRIGGIN WAIT!!!!
    The original will always be the better one but I simply cant wait to see the massive improvements.

  • James

    when i saw this movie i was about 7…(im 14 now)and it obviously made me sssshit myself. i pretty much grew up loving this movie and also being shit scared of werewolves at the same time i also watched Paris a few weeks later. and again..shat myself, but it wasnt as good as London. when i got a bit older i watched it again so i could understand it better and i noticed besides all the scariness its also a top movie and it will always be my number 1 horror. All i hope for this remake is that its gory as ever, the transformation scene is as sweet as the original and that they don’t kill the movie like most remakes do..