Woman is Jailed for Accidentally Recording New Moon

Thems copyright laws are pretty stiff and fines and punishment are often higher than far more serious issues like rape or holocaust. Well when a woman brought her camera into the theater to film the big reveal of a surprise party (apparently held at the theater) who accidentally filmed some of Twilight’s New Moon, and found herself arrested.

Worst Previews says:

She was grabbed by a theater worker, who saw her shooting video during the movie. Managers contacted police, who examined the camera, finding that the woman had taped “two very short segments.”

The theater managers insisted on pressing charges, which resulted in the woman being arrested and spending two nights in jail before being released. She plans to fight the felony charges in court because she says she did nothing wrong — and certainly didn’t try to secretly tape the movie. “It was never my intention to record the movie,” she said.

I would be sympathetic to her issue if it wasn’t for the fact that they were filming them popping the surprise, and singing Happy Birthday.

Presumably if this happened before the film started, then they would not be able to have “accidentally” caught New Moon on the screen in the background. And if they did, remember that there is a special hell for those who talk during the movie, and I wouldn’t appreciate a rousing round of Happy Birthday during the movie.

So while she didn’t attempt to record the movie, she did in fact record some of it. She might get some leniancy for her intent, but if she didn’t disrupt the film to record the birthday surprise, this never would have happened.

Remember kids… Piracy is bad, even unintentional. And don’t disrupt the movie.


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