New Tron Legacy Poster and Image Online

Tron Legacy is shaping up to be a very visually stunning movie, and there is a new image and poster online.

The imgagery is just amazing. The poster looks a little gamey, but then its supposed to take place inside a video game.

Each step closer to the release of this film and the nostalgic little boy inside me gets closer to peeing his pants.


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67 thoughts on “New Tron Legacy Poster and Image Online

  1. Well, maybe Disney will also remake The Black Hole… as a child seeng that movie. It was not in the least bit traumatizing when the robot Maximilian used his spinning blades to rip appart one of he crew members. Now they can do it in CGI, won’t cost any poor actor their life.

      1. Is it the end of TMB or the end of John being an editor?

        Rodney, are you going to write all the posts now?

        The article says nothing about the future of TMB other then John not being in it

  2. Leave Moon Night be already, he’s pretty cool kinda like Firestorm to me, not the most respected back burner hero but cool never-the-less.


    Are they going to show us a tinkerbell cartoon short before this like in the old days?

    1. Why would they put a Tinkerbell shorts in front of this?

      I could see Disney related trailers, but there is no reason to attach a Tinkerbell short in front of this, and even less reason to think they might.

  3. I really hope this is awesome. Not crappy like that movie “The Black Hole”, another Disney product. Remember that shit?…With that ridiculous robot and it’s Cuisinart-hands. Please tell me Bruce Boxleitner is going to be in this one!

  4. I don’t get the buzz around this movie. OK the visuals are decent BUT from the trailer it looks like a pathetic film and I have no interest in this. All you guys seem pretty pumped up, can someone tell me what is this movie about, synopsis,etc? And how is this cool to you?

  5. I’m pretty pumped about this movie, even though it’s not written or directed by the original guy.

    Anyway, another decidedly not child film is “The Black Hole”. That movie is really dark.

    And I’ve tried sitting through “Something Wicked” twice…I could never make it. I ended up turning it off about a quarter through. However, I’ve read the book about 2 or 3 times.

  6. No not that i do I thought the trailer at least I think the trailer looked cool It just is not going to be appealing to the general public.

    It will be like Speed Racer

      1. it still saddens me that im the only person that enjoyed the hell outta speed racer…thought it captured the old show perfect…sigh

      2. I actually liked the campy feel of Speed Racer and I did feel that it captured the cartoon perfectly.

        But people who didn’t like the movie probably thought the cartoon was too campy too.

        Christina Ricci as Trixie was perfect.

      3. nice!! good to know people enjoyed that film like i did…i need to make a fan club for speed racer, jesse james, and death proof…movies most people i talk to hate

      1. When TMB uncut was awesome (Back in the day with Chuck and Doug)

        I asked what where Dougs favorite under the influence movies (I ACTUALLY SAID MINE WAS TRON, so this comment isnt so irrelevant) and Speed Racer came up. Although he admitted to seeing Sweeney Todd blazed.

  7. I’m more excited to see this than Avatar…crazy, I know…but I think nostalgia is part of my excitement. Oh and the teaser trailer was pretty fricken cool!

  8. I was expecting to see a young version of Jeff Bridges. Didn’t know they were using a totally different guy… but whatever. This movie is clearly all about the look so who cares who’s in it.

    1. Disney doesn’t do all kid movies, but they do make movies that kids can watch. Pirates of the Caribbean, for example, and the first Tron movie, are not ‘Kid movies’ but they ARE movies that kids can watch and enjoy.

    2. I agree that your assumption is baseless.

      Disney has a LONG history of doing family friendly movies but in no way are they all “kid movies”

      You need to watch more Disney movies if you think they are all “kid movies”

      1. I believe Tiglet’s point is the Disney logo being directly above the Tron logo. Yeah, Disney does not only make kids/family films. His point was the logo being prominent gives the feeling of a kids movie. That said go back and look at the Pirates of the Caribbean posters/dvd box art and the Disney logo is not attached to the Pirate logo. It is still on the poster and box art but not close to the movie title graphic. It changes the feel of the poster depending on the placement and relationship to the movie logo.

      1. Haven’t read the book, but I did just read its synopsis on amazon. Movie is definitely based off the book, couldn’t tell you how close it follows though. According to wikipedia the screenplay was written by Bradbury himself, so I would assume they are quite similar. It goes onto say Bradbury’s thoughts on the final cut of the movie as, “not a great film, no, but a decently nice one.”

    3. Im going to say, I know exactly what Rodney, Slushie man and Jeremy are trying to say, and i agree. wholeheartedly.

      But i also understand what Tiglet is trying to say and partially agree with him.

      It takes some edge off as soon as it says disney.

      Which is why i hope that the merger wont mean the Moonknight (or Punisher 2 or whatever)movie wont have “DISNEY” at first. It just looks pussy and takes away from the vibe these movies give out.

      I know each sides of this argument and i agree with both.
      But it must be recognized that it DOES take some edge off when youre watching “Semen Cavity Orgy 3” and you see “DISNEY” in the opening credits, it just makes you say “wtf??”

      I agree with this, only if the movie is rated R… i dont mind seeing DISNEY in Tron 2.

      1. Disney has already stated multiple times that it has no intention to interfere with Marvel Films projects.

        I don’t know why people seem to think that Disney acquiring Marvel means that Mickey Mouse is now going to be an XMan.

        TRON was Disney… so why would a Tron Sequel with Disney’s name on it take away from it?

        Not everything has to be Rated R to be good. And a MoonKnight film is never happening.

      2. I know that. =]

        I know that as well. All I said was- (just re-read my comment)

        I know that too, i said Tron being Disney was OK. but when I see disney in a rated R movie it just seems out of place. To me. (has that ever happened? rated R disney mvie?)

        I never said it did. Ever. In my natural life. If i where to go back in time and record everything i say i would never find that or a trace of me typing it, unless i use it to let people know that i DONT think so. My 3 favorite movies are all PG-13

        As for Moonknight, it wouldnt hurt to have a Superhero with balls every once in a while

        Moonknight is everything good (Rorschach’s gore, the Punishers action, nobody else’s awesomeness, better gadgets then Batman Ozymandias’ mercy and a sailors mouth…and hes the only person n the world crazier then Deadpool)

        And will never be this guy:
        “But i love you!”
        “No! Im not the bad guy!”
        “I only have one rule…”
        “Dont do drugs!”
        “NO! im leaving you for the cops”

      3. Moonknight is Batman with magic.

        There is a reason he doesn’t have his own comic book.

        I know you love the character James, but even you have to admit that there isn’t enough popularity there for the studios to make the movie. Most comic book readers I know couldn’t tell you who Moonknight is outside of maybe hearing the name or saying “Thats the Batman guy who wears white”

      4. People who know nothing about both characters say theyre the same, only because of the cape. Bt once you read one page of Batman and Moonknight it becomes clear that they have absolutely nothing in common. At all.
        If they make a movie about Moonknight, theyd take the cape off and he would only look like Batman if Christian Bale is casted as Marc Spector

        With your logic, Deadpool and Spiderman are the same exact person. Because of course, they have such similar methods and morals.

        Moonknight has an origin thats…oh, i dont know. 15 times more interesting then Batmans? The whole Egypt thing and the moon and the weapons (whom Hawkeye found for him)

        Batman: Parents killed in front of him, and he fights crime. How original.

      5. James we have been through this before and no matter how much you try to justify the minor differences with the character it still comes down to the major similiarites.

        All of which the studio will consider if they ever run out of superhero movies to make and think of Moonknight.

        Which will likely cause them to consider Speedball and the New Warriors instead.

      6. Batman is black, Moonknight is white.
        Batman has no superpowers, Moonknight does.
        Batman loves his butler and is fair and kind to good people, Moonknight doesnt give a shit.
        Batman would never kill anyone, Moonknight peels guys faces off.
        Batman fights clowns, Moonknight fights werewolves.
        Moonknight wears a hoodie, Batman wears bat ears and spiky gloves, with a bat on his chest.
        Moonknight talks to himself and sometimes loses arguments with the voices in his head, Batman doesnt (as far as im concerned)

        Sure theyre both rich and like gadgets, but two COMPLETELY (completely) types of rich, and Batmans gadgets are smart and Moonknights are sacred and made to make people die slowly.

        Not to mention Batman wouldnt last a day in Moonknights shoes, while Moonknight would make Batmans comic books last 5 pages.

        Did you say Moonknight doesnt have his own comic book?

        Moonknight and Batman have as many similarities as Mr Fantastic and Ironman.

        I know speedballs retarded, but after civil war he got a pretty cool costume. I would hate a speedball movie, but you made me remember that badass costume he wears now…

    4. I know, i personally think hes the complete 100% opposite 180 degree turn of Batman, but i blaze off cat spray thus anything i say could be preposterously inaccurate and indisputably incorrect. Although im pretty sure Batman and Moonknight are like God and Satan, or Penis and Vagina.
      If they take the dorky cape off… Moonknight would look nothing like him. (The cape is the only thing i hate about him lol)

      Well, yes- youre right.
      But Kick-Ass, Ghost Rider, Wanted, 300, The Losers and Spawn were WAY less known then Moonknight before their movies came out.

      So if theyre making Facebook, Battleship, Monopoly and probably one day Pac-Man…. I dont see why not a Moonknight movie.

      Moonknight is the only comic books i ever bothered to put in those geeky plastic covers with cardboard in the back so it doesnt fold lmao
      (Does anyone here do that? or know what im talking about? Please speak up id hate to be the only nerd)

      1. So Batman is a Dick and Moonknight is a pussy.

        Got it.

        And I would argue for Kickass or 300 as they are contained graphic novels and are popular in different fields, while Ghost Rider has an ongoing title and is FAR more popular or recognizable than Moonknight.

        And he doesn’t have a property that the character would constantly being compared to.

        Facebook has a unique story. And a unique scifi-military story is being applied to the storyless Battleship. You can’t hope for a Moonknight film based on those assessments.

        Your personal fascination with Moonknight is like my own for Nightcrawler. I love the character. But even I am able to admit he will never get his own film.

        Regardless as to how I feel about the character.

      2. Batman is not a dick. Moonknight is a dick to everyone, therefore Batman is soft and weak thus making him pathetic and limited.

        Batman is the pussy for not being able to ever finish any of his villains off, ever. Its kinda sad actually. Like- has the Joker EVER died? Moonknight beat doctor fucking doom and this guys going against a clown and hes struggling.

        Ok now i NEVER said that a moonknight movie will ever happen. That I know. Im simply saying it would be better then most movies out now (if made right, of course) and hes obviously the best comic book character out there because he has a spine. Something no other hero has other then Rorschach

        I love Nightcrawler, a movie about Kurt Wagner would be better then most shit out now. His 2 minute fight scene was better then the wohle X2 movie.

        Everything about Moonknight… the way he acts… the best things about him are the little things, the details. Like when he bashes a thugs head of and spiderman swings in “WHAT ARE YOU DOING! NO!” and Moonknight passes him the club “Wanna try?”
        “Hm.. more for me… SMASH! SMASH! SPLAT!”

        I also like it how hes casted out from every other heroes, because in the inside he KNOWS hes a villain as well. (Like hes always a laughing stalk for trying to be an Avenger)

        And he nailed Tigra!

      3. “Facebook has a unique story”

        The only reason Facebook is getting its own movie is because its popular today. Its nothing more than a feature length advertising campaign for those who don’t who haven’t been exposed to Facebook yet, hence why they are bringing in big names with no talent, like Timberlake.

      4. And how Facebook got to be this popular is the basis of the film.

        Its not a commercial for the service. Its the story of the guys who made it huge. I would be surprised if they even discussed the features in it aside from those relevant to the plot.

      5. If there was a good story behind how those franchises were started.. then sure.

        But I think there was already a doc or TV movie on Ray Croc, the founder of McDonalds.

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