Kick-Ass gets a Red Mist Poster

Kick-Ass is looking to shape up into a hell of a ride. And now the supporting cast of the film will also be getting their own posters starting with McLovin’s Red Mist!

This poster is epic. Seriously, the character of Red Mist is just crazy to begin with and now we get to see him in all his angsty glory posed perfectly on top of his penis compensating hot car!

Just awesome!


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9 thoughts on “Kick-Ass gets a Red Mist Poster


    I didn’t even realise that was McLovin playing Red Mist til just now. Love that dude and can’t wait to see him as an over the top super hero in this.


    Check out the website too, there’s a link to a Red Mist character profile where I found this gem of a quote. “When I’m not kicking ass, I’m Zootin’ with the homies in my Mistmobile.”

  2. AICN already said its the best comic book movie ever made.

    And I agree.

    Where the FUCK is Mindy AKA Hit-Girl’s poster???

    I love Red-Mist “Wanna go fight some crime?”

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