International Iron Man 2 Teaser Poster Online

Another Iron Man 2 Poster has been introduced online today, and while the first teaser poster we got featured Iron Man back to back with War Machine, this one reveals the man beneath the Iron.

As much as I liked the War Machine image, I have to say that out of all the Iron Man posters so far, this one I like the most.


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14 thoughts on “International Iron Man 2 Teaser Poster Online

  1. I think it’s whack the fact that we get to see a pics of him rather than Iron Man, think of Spiderman without a mask, question is why?

  2. It’s reminiscent of the first Iron Man poster but this one is IronMan Unmasked, since tony stark told everyone at the end of the first one he was Ironman It makes sense to show Ironman Unmasked this time around.

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