16 thoughts on “Two Wolfman Posters Online

    1. Ok?

      All im saying is that the 2nd poster was horribly done and doesnt do ANYTHING a poster should. If you wanna hang it up on your wall go ahead. To me, its a pitiful excuse of a poster

      I actually think its fake, i dont believe a professional would green light this “poster”

      1. And yet a professional DID green light this.

        I have seen far worse get put out to promote a film so this isn’t a bad thing.

        And it speaks volumes to the film, you just insist on everything being spelled out to you and will argue until even you believe what you are saying.

  1. Its okay, I still think theyre just fuckin’ with us.

    Theyre running with the first one which, shockingly SHOWS the wolfman… theres no way theyll post the 2nd one in movie theaters with a straight face

    1. That is the worst poster I have ever seen in my whole entire life.

      It looks like a drama about a blind woman trying to get through the holocaust while raising two kids with cancer

      Travis is right, they should have showed the wolf in the background

      1. Look at her dress. Shes scared in the woods… scared of what? Theres nothing there! It leads me to think shes running away from Nazis, Rod.

        It looks like some drama about some woman lost in the woods.

        It looks like a prequel of “The Village” but it only talks about the blind girl.

        This poster looks more like a drama about a woman then a movie about a Werewolf

        If it didnt say “The Wolfman” in the bottom, id think they were doing a documentary on Ann Frank

        The people who made this poster should drown in period blood caused by their pure amount of fail while making this poster.

        Maybe its a joke and theyre just fucking with us though… or it was a joke at first but then they accidentally ran with it.

        Where do you get “Wolfman” out of all this? It makes no sense whatsoever.

      2. Yes, because plenty of people in World War 2 wore Victorian dresses, and those that did were obviously blind with cancerous children. And clearly the only safe place was from nazis is in a forest. That was the FIRST instinct any rational human would get from this.

        The poster SAYS The Wolfman, so we get an idea who she’s scared of already, and shes in the woods in a Victorian Era dress, hiding behind a tree with a look of fear on her face. All of that screams that there is a girl in the Victorian era, running/hiding away from something terrifying. Oh look, the title says The Wolfman, I guess that’s it.

        Not Nazis, not blind, not cancer stricken children. None of that.

        You are stretching it so thin there is nothing there.

        You are free to dislike the poster if you want, the first one up there is likely more to your liking as it spells it all out for you. Wolfman, and a picture of a Wolfman.

        But when your rationale is that you have to invent something so blatantly unrelated in order to mock it, you defeat your own stance.

      3. Dude, this looks JUST like Shindlers List, every Jewish chick there wore the same dress. Its even black and white

        And yes, lots of them hid on forests Rodney. Are you telling me Jewish people never ran into the forests to hide from Nazis? MOST of them did that!

        Its a stupid poster. It says Wolfman, yet it shows some girl wearing a dress. Its like having a poster that says “Spider-Man 4” but only shows a red boot. “But the poster says spiderman, so we can guess who wears the boot!” are you f#@$ing serious!? lmao xD

        Its not blatantly unrelated, what i said is more fitting to this poster then a werewolf.

        It would make a good SAT question though:

        “Match the movie with the poster”
        Wolfman or The Crucible.

        No one would pick the Wolfman as an answer, and unfortunately, theyd all be wrong (DAMN YOU, tricky SAT questions, with your sneaky loop holes!)

      4. The point is that you make it sound like the ONLY logical answer would be that shes in the forest for fear of Nazis. Thats you only logical outcome.

        And Jewish women’s garb looked nothing like victorian era dresses. Google it. She doesnt look at all like a woman of that era.

        Keep saying it and even you might believe it.

        You dont have to like the poster, but you are seriously over reacting.

      5. What do the Nazi have to do with a Wolfman? I have to go with Rodney on this one. That reminds me nothing of something like Schindler’s List; it doesn’t even look like it’s from that era.

  2. No competition, my favorite vampire movie is Interview with a Vampire; a masterfully told story and amazing cinematography created an amazing atmosphere to lose myself in. I am expecting The Wolfman to give me a similar feeling as I had so many years ago when walking out of the theater. Cannot wait to see this.

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