Thomas Dekker to star in Waska

Thomas Dekker, known mostly for playing John Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will join Jeremy Piven, Lynn Collins and Kate Walsh in an indie drama titled Waska.

THR shares:

Based on a novel by Leslie Schwartz, the story follows a young father (Dekker) whose 3-year-old son freezes to death during a fishing trip. As a local prosecutor (Piven) goes after him, townspeople like his ex-wife (Collins) rage at him and others support him as he attempts to makes sense of what happened.

Catherine Trieschmann wrote the adaptation, which is being directed by Gaby Dellal.

Ever since meeting Dekker I have a greater appreciation for his acting. While I haven’t seen him in much, his onscreen personae are completely different than his energetic flamboyant presence.

Waska will also strike a nerve for the recent tragic news of the woman who accidentally dropped her toddler over the rail of a second story walk way in an airport. I think it would make for some serious dramatic perspective to have Dekker face the tragedy of losing a child amidst accusations of neglect.

This will be high on my radar.

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6 thoughts on “Thomas Dekker to star in Waska

      1. btw where did you meet him?
        he was pretty good as John Connor in TSCC, too bad the series didn’t work out.

        I would like to see him in more projects.

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