R2D2 in Star Trek FINALLY Confirmed

Remember back when Star Trek first hit the screens and there was a rumour that R2-D2 would appear somewhere in the film. Clearly we thought it was going to be less obvious, but it was confirmed that he was indeed added by the effects gurus responsible for the film.

Gizmodo finally gets it:

At last, here’s the droid we were all looking for. In this frame you can clearly see R2-D2’s cameo in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. This time there’s absolutely no doubt about it: It’s been confirmed by ILM.

Click on the image to see the high resolution version

Can you see him floating there, on the left, right below the huge arrow that I also missed when I saw the movie? That’s obviously him, a fact that has been confirmed to me by one of the movie’s sequence supervisors at Industrial Light & Magic—the same guy who said this previous sighting was just the shuttle.

I always had an odd unsettling feeling having the Star Wars effects giant providing effects for Star Trek. Its like dating sisters, its just not a good idea. But like that older relative dating a 21-year old stripper, after it goes on for long enough you stop caring and it just becomes normal.

While many sites were all showing screen captures that confirmed the REAL R2-D2 Easter Egg Cameo, we finally get the truth.

Tomorrow when the movie comes out on BluRay I will be picking up my copy and you know I will be keeping a keen eye out for this scene!

There was also a confirmed R2 in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen during the Skyfire combiner scene where Prime picks up his parts.

I wonder how many ILM projects he will show up in that are not Star Wars?

15 thoughts on “R2D2 in Star Trek FINALLY Confirmed

  1. They’ve been doing this for years.
    In Star Trek: The Motion Picture-1980- you can see Darth Vader and Miss Piggy. I think it’s when Spock is spacewalking through V’ger.

  2. This is of course, why star trek didn’t suck as bad as we all thought…..

    R2 bitches!

    couldn’t say the same for transformers though…

    George Lucas has subliminal R2’S all over ILM’s projects all the tests show that even after watching Trek and Transformers people will STILL buy StarWars action figures!

    1. I’ll be seeing NM with the wifey at midnight so I will keep an eye out for him, but I will probably miss him anyway(I almost never catch that stuff). IF it isn’t just a rumor.

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