New Sherlock Holmes Trailer Online

I am conflicted by the new take on Sherlock Holmes, I want to like it, and I think they are distracting me away from the bad parts with Rachel McAdams in a corset.

Wait.. what was I talking about? Sorry… got lost there. Here’s the new trailer for Sherlock Holmes:

Maybe its just me, but I get the feeling that Watson and Holmes are a little closer than a Bromance. Even with Rachel McAdams there, it seems that those two are … very close. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I like the dirtier grittier Holmes instead of this direct spoken calm stress free Holmes that is often depicted. This one is not so “together” and is a step futher eccentric than his reputation suggests.

I think this trailer won me over completely and I really want to see this now. Oh, and McAdams NOT in a corset was distracting too.

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