Joe Johnston talks Jurassic Park 4

Jurassic Park 4 has long been rumoured and assumed dead in development, but during a recent chat with Captain America director Joe Johnston (who directed JP3) the topic was once again brought up.

Fused Film ponies up:

Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston, who’s next project is Marvel’s Captain America film, chatted with them about the film while on the set of the Wolfman ( his most recent film).

“There is a great story for the fourth one that I would be interested in getting involved with and it’s nothing like the first three. It sort of takes thefranchise off in a completely different direction, which is the only way I would want to get involved.”

“We’ve done that and it’s been done three times. Why would anybody go back to that island? It was hard enough to figure out the second and third reason for them to go, but it would take it off in a whole other trilogy basically, but when it gets to that level it’s sort of about studios and Steven’s thing and who knows. I think we are at that point where we are due for another one if we are going to do it. They had what four years between them? 1992… 1996 or 1997, and then 2001, so we are past due. I don’t know, but we will see.”

I feel the same way. When I heard there was going to be a Jurassic Park 4, my very first reaction was “WHO THE HELL WOULD GO BACK THERE??”

So if they did move forward with this I would hope it somehow has a different direction and doesn’t involve some plot to “go back”. But that doesn’t leave much open unless the dinos are now somehow migrating off the island. A pack of prehistoric birds steals eggs and stashes them across the ocean where they hatch and start a new breeding ground?

And whatever happened to that canister of embryos that Nedry attempted to smuggle off the compound in the first movie. We saw it get buried in the mud. After Nedry got car humped by the spitting horse dino. Maybe that can survives and its contents are recovered and bred?

Who knows. Just’s don’t make another where someone has to go back to that island.

So just so we are clear here, there is no indication it IS happening so its still presumed dead. Just that Joe had some interesting things to say on it. And if Captain America puts Johnston in that Nolan realm of worship, maybe he will have a say.

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