Goyer Talks Ghost Rider 2

Ghost Rider was far from my favourite comic book characters. Frankly I find the character pretty dumb. But I was willing to give the film a chance.

But alas it wasn’t much of a film, and it may have dampened any enthusiasm for a sequel, but its coming and writer David Goyer shares a little on the planned direction.

CinemaBlend shares:

David Goyer who offered details on what’s up with the sequel’s the 9-year-old script, besides of course, watering it down to receive a PG-13 rating. Says Goyer, “It’s not exactly a reboot… I hate to say it’s more realistic, because he’s got a flaming skull for a head, but it’s a bit more stripped down and darker. It’s definitely changing tone. What Casino Royale was to the Bond movies, hopefully this will be to Ghost Rider.”

I am encouraged that they are taking it in a different direction, even if its not a reboot.

But I honestly don’t know what to think about that descriptive. I can’t wrap my head around how “realistic” this could be. Batman? Yeah. Bond? Ok, I can see that too. But that they want to go “realistic” with Ghost Rider is puzzling.

I guess it can only get better right?


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21 thoughts on “Goyer Talks Ghost Rider 2

  1. I actually forgot that there was a first one until seeing this post. I think there’s a lot of other Marvel characters they could focus on for movies instead of making a second Ghostrider.

  2. Comparing it to casino royale’s style is a bold statement, considering how amazing that movie was. However, david goyer is a great writer/horrible director. I don’t think i’ve seen any movie from him directing-wise that I enjoyed.

  3. So Mysterio and the Penguin are okay, but Ghost Rider is fucking goofy? lol

    And! It better fucking have Mephisto in it goddamnit!!

    Ever since the Dark Knight (which was on the bleeding edge of PG-13) every superhero movie has been wanting to make their movies darker, how come they dont just concentrate on making them GOOD??

    1. They always think they are making a good movie. I honestly believe that.

      But saying they are making it dark doesnt automatically mean they are making it bad either.

      Mysterio is a pretty cool villian, just with a bad costume. Penguin is far more impressive as Cobblepot, the organized crime leader. His affection for tuxedos and umbrellas aside, he is a dangerous foe and represents far more than his stout frame represents.

      1. Ok the way you put it is good. The penguin: Without the fucking umbrella and NOT a fat midget

        If mysterio can be made into a darker kind of magician like in The Prestige then ok. But not with green tights and a purple cape.

        As long as the whole “we have to make our movie darker!” doesnt affect it negatively, im cool.

        Iron Man 2 is supposed to be darker, hopefully they dont fucking kill Pepper Pots, Transformers 3 will be darker, hopefully they kill Megan Fox. It all depends.

      2. I disagree with you and Rodney about the Mysterio look. I think there is a way around it should the character ever show up in a Spidey film (which, unlike most, I don’t think will be the upcoming film)- I think that his traditional costume would in fact be seen at some point, although he would be more like an evil Ronnie Tyler (“FX”) type, and that the traditional look is simply a tool.

    1. When is it acceptable to reinvent a failed film?

      This might have been the film they should have made the first time. We should have to wait for that?

      Out of what… courtesy?

  4. Normally I’d be all for a Ghost Rider sequel.

    Way I understand it, if Goyer updates his past work, there are more advantages than disadvantages. He does not have to tell an origin story. The first film took care of that. Goyer says it is not a reboot, but it takes a slightly different direction.

    From what I heard from his past drafts, at least three characters will return: Blaze, Roxanne and Mephistopheles (aka “Starke” in Goyer’s draft). The bad guy seems to be in line with the “new made up villain for the films” idea…

    But this ‘realism’ angle baffles me. Unless Mephistopheles is a cameo and Ghost Rider is the only supernatural element of the film. But that means the made up bad guy has to be ditched. I’d prefer one from the comics, but I was willing to buy the bad guy mentioned in those drafts….a dude called “Carrigan”, an average non-supernatural foe until he makes a deal with Mephistopheles. Then he turns into a demonic scarecrow who also has a pack of hellhounds coyotes with him. Locusts too.

    I was interested in how all this would pan out. I actually started to think it could be pulled off. But with Goyer’s “real” statement, it suggests to me that most of this is chucked in the dumpster.

    I liked Cage’s Castles thoughts a few years ago, but I was just as thrilled with Goyer’s “Road Warrior”-ish desert settings. IF that was the draft Goyer was reworking. I thought everyone was on the right track with this for the most part, a wonderful place to springboard from.

    Now…right this very moment. There’s a part of me that wants to think Goyer was off the cuff and this means nothing. This could work really well. I want to cross my fingers. I liked the first film, but I liked the proposed direction they started to talk about in the last few months A LOT.

    And that other side?
    It’s time to….
    datdat datdat dat


  5. I certainly hope this script delivers. It was originally written for a first movie, so they’re pretty much just doing a reboot with the same cast. And I like that. The first one was too silly for the character. I like my Ghost Rider mean, tough, and vigilant, the same way I’d like a dragon to breath fire rather than roses. I have a lot of faith in this. I hope it pays off.
    Goyer says his original script is floating around on the web, but I can’t seem to find it. Can anyone help me out?

    1. According to varied reviews of Goyer’s drafts, the origin story is hardly mentioned. John Blaze (who has turned to petty theft to survive) is already the Ghost Rider. Roxanne is already with him.
      Mephistopheles (nicknamed Starke) is also present.

      The draft most commonly seen/read/reviewed is this one: http://www.sendspace.com/file/e0ro29

      It is my understanding that there was an update rewrite on this before MSJ took over; and it is more than likely this will alter to some extent as well.

  6. Wait… how can this be the Casino Royale for Ghost Rider? Casino Royale completely changed the structure of films that have been around for…what… forty years? Ghost Rider has been around for less than five, and hardly anyone saw it…

    1. He means that it will be the same kind of drastic change. Casino Royale was a hell of a lot grittier and darker than any of the 20 Bond films that came before it. A drastic change in tone. That is what he means.

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