Despicable Me Trailers Online

Steve Carell will be giving voice to Gru, the worlds second best supervillian in Universal’s Despicable Me.

Gru will be attempting to steal the moon to prove he is the greatest of all villians. Somehow I missed the first trailer, so I am posting it here now:

And now the new Trailer that makes it look like a totally different movie:

The best part of Mad Magazines (aside from that foldy image thing they put in the inside back cover) was the Spy vs Spy cartoons. This second trailer reminds me so much of that constant battle of one-uppance that I am just in love with this film now.

I can’t wait to see more!


15 thoughts on “Despicable Me Trailers Online

  1. Iron Giant= awesome
    Monsters vs. aliens=pretty good
    Madagascar= borderline
    Ice age 1,2,3= still not convinced
    Astroboy=not bad

    I like others as well, point is Pixar has set the bar super high and Carell is kinda wearin out his welcome…….opinions….sorry if it sounds like bashing..and he kind of looks like Peter O’ Tooles food critic from Ratatoulle

    1. What was wrong with the first Ice Age? And I personally thought Mada2 was better than the first.

      On Monsters Vs. Aliens, I just wanna point out, I don’t find anything frightening about a 25 ft tall woman. No problem to me…

      1. @420BAND–disagree with you on all of them!

        I thought Ice Age 1 & 2 were pretty good, WAY better than M’s vs. A’s. The third one sucked, though.

        Agree with Dragonslayer, here–Madagascar 2 was funnier than the first, though it ended up dragging itself towards the end of the second half…..

  2. If you dropped the anti-american trend in the first one the premise could have been interesting but the second out just looks terrible.

    1. Its not anti american. They use dumb carefree disfunctional hicks on vacation who have an out of control child. The movie isnt about that, they were nobody plot device characters to reveal that the pyramids were actually stolen and introduces the villain.

      That you assume any stereotype of any one of the hundreds of cultures in America is obviously a slight against EVERY American is pretty American though.

  3. HO-HUM……….Just more animated crap till the next new Pixar film comes out… Now Thats Animation PEOPLE!

    And Steve Carrel is gettin’ on my nerves already, first Get Smart now this? seems like forever since 40 yr old virgin huh?

    1. Do you watch The Office? He’s hilarious in that show.

      And not all animated films that aren’t from Pixar are still fun to watch. I laughed my ass off during Monsters Vs. Aliens. Don’t assume that something’s gonna be crap until you’ve seen it.

      1. Hated Monsters vs. Aliens :-(

        Love The Office, the few episodes that I’ve watched. And I know you won’t agree, mate, but I enjoyed Get Smart a lot–goofball action, mindless entertainment: just the way I love my popcorn :-D

  4. Is anyone eles thinking that gru looks exactly like Penguin from batman?
    and I think Steve Carrel sounds ridiculously stupid, Steve, the audition for The New Rocky And Bolwinkle movie is next door.

  5. Ehh, I dunno, doesn’t look horrible to me, not hugely appealing either. I don’t understand their reasoning for the Hitchcock joke though (it doesn’t make sense, this film has nothing in common with a Hitchcock film and Gru’s only similarity is that he’s overweight). Will anyone who actually understands it even think it’s remotely funny? Homage is usually painfully obvious now adays. Shia’s “The Wild One” outfit in Indy IV was heavy handed and totally and utterly pointless. I wish subtlety was considerred a negative so often.

    1. Scratch that, I commented first after only seeing the teaser trailer, after watching the 2nd this looks pretty terrible. I’d much rather just watch old Looney Toons episodes than this. Maybe it has a story in there somewhere but this trailer just looks like a bunch of very unfunny attempts at physical humor.

  6. The first trailer really annoyed me when I saw it in the theater. I was like “Yeah I get it. Americans are fat, loud, and stupid”. This new trailer looks great though. I am excited to see more too.

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