Dan Abnett Talks UltraMarines – The Warhammer 40k Movie

Back in the day I once was a Warhammer 40K geek, but I sucked at the game so I just stuck to painting the figures and putting them on display. That was my favourite part of the game was that it was so visual.

The most popular faction in the war game of the far fletched future was clearly the Space Marines, and the most elite of them was the UltraMarines. So it seems only fitting to have that be the focus and title of the upcoming Warhammer 40K movie.

JoBlo lets us in:

Rookie director Martyn Pick has been given directorial duties for ULTRAMARINES, based on the table-top game and many subsequent books and whatnots. Screenplay is already being banged out by Dan Abnett, known in the industry for his work with Marvel and DC as well as having written a number of 40K books already, so the dude knows that stuff.

And here is a short clip of Dan Abnett talking about how encouraged he is on the direction for the Warhammer movie:

I am very interested to see how this will turn out. I worry however, that the special effects required to make this come to life will be so elaborate that this might as well have been a CG film and not the liveaction mixed proposal they are working with. And as much as I would like to see the Tau or Eldar, the classic pairing in the 40K world has always been the Space Marines vs the Orks.

I am happy to hear they hired a fan favourite writer that really knows his stuff in the 40K world.