Battleship Feature Film – Now with more Aliens!

There really needs to be a Battleship feature film because there is just so much plot and backstory hidden within the vaults of Milton Bradley’s strategy board game. I mean, all those ships… and the battles. Really, what could possibly make this a more gripping tale?

Oh right. Aliens. Don’t forget the Aliens.

Fused Film says:

Since Berg’s attachment we really haven’t heard much on how this movie would play out, toying with the famous catch phrase of the game it seems now that Aliens have sunk the Battleship or at least will be. The film is scheduled to be released August 5, 2011. According to Latino Review, Aliens will be the enemy of the five ship international fleet.

Well it couldn’t get more vaguely related to the boardgame anyways so why the hell not?

I mean it could be revealed that the “Aliens” were actually some cosmic gods who are pitting these fleets against each other, and the intrepid navigator is the one to break the code when he sees that all the ships are inable to be moved and are all positioned paralell or perpendicular to each other.

JUST KEEP SHOOTING! We will find them and use deductive reasoning to eliminate their ships!

The closing credits can show the two young kids playing the board game who were controlling their fates all along.

Or … Aliens!

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4 thoughts on “Battleship Feature Film – Now with more Aliens!

  1. Wow! Has hollywood completely lose its originality to the point that they have to make movies on board games. All these movies are going to flop and (how much you want to bet) they are to stupid to know why.

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