“Avatar” Price Tag Hits $500 Million

The New York Times just did an article claiming that the new James Cameron film “Avatar” is going to hit a $500 million dollar price tag once production and marketing costs are all totaled.

If accurate, that means Avatar will have to make about $750 million at the box office just to break even… and I’m sorry… but that’s NOT going to happen.

Despite all the online buzz for Avatar, the fact of the matter is this film is not going to out perform Transformers 2 at the Box Office.

I’ve got to say that the newer trailers for Avatar have looked a LOT better to me than the first one that came out months ago (which I didn’t like all that much). I’m very pumped to see this movie… but wow… that’s quite a price tag, and I don’t see them breaking even on it at all.

What do you guys think?

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