Apatow talks Pineapple Express 2 and Superbad 2

Judd Apatow films are like the collection of royal jewels. Each one beautiful in their own way, and while you might not like them all the same, they are a combined treasure desipte each unique piece standing alone.

So when talk of actually sequelling one or more of his films came round, I was cautious. And now Apatow let it spill which one has the best chance at getting a second helping.

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Judd Apatow recently appeared on the Funny or Die Writer’s Room live stream (found via The Playlist) and talked ever so briefly about two sequels to movies he produced. The first is Superbad, which has had sequel talk since the day it came out. And the second is Pineapple Express, which wasn’t as big of a success as Superbad, but has also been talked about for a while. I’m down for seeing more from either, although I liked Superbad better.

“I can’t get [Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg] to make the Superbad sequel. I begged, but they don’t want to ruin it. They think it’s a gem of a movie and they don’t want a crappy second,” Apatow said. That actually makes sense, especially because it was such a great movie. And as for Pineapple Express, he seems more optimistic. “There’s a little talk about a Pineapple Express sequel if that’s your cup of tea‚Ķ your bowl of smoke. You probably have a better shot of seeing that [then any Superbad 2 or any other Apatow sequel],” he said.

I kind of like how Apatow films are contained and stand all on their own. They don’t need sequels, which adds to how great and unique his films are.

But would I want to see Pineapple Express 2? When I thought they were going to have Rogen’s collide and have his Cop character from Superbad turn out to be the Twin Brother of his Summons Server self in Pineapple Express combining the two films in a supersequel, I was really curious.

I am not against sequels, provided they are good. Im not against any movie if its good. But I don’t see a reason to sequel any Apatow film. Just come up with a new idea and run with that instead. But they might movie forward with Pineapple 2 and it will rock.

Who knows?

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10 thoughts on “Apatow talks Pineapple Express 2 and Superbad 2

  1. I would be sooo stoked if both of these got made! Huge fan of both movies and would love to see how they would carry out in a sequel. *crosses fingers that both movies won’t get ruined*

  2. Superbad was great, Pinapple had huge hype and for me, was a little disapionting. not that it sucked but not a worthy Cheech and Chong substitute.

    Franco was great!, if anything I would like to see his character again pop up in another film or films as the same character. but not a whole film

    And in closing Danny McBride was awesome as hell in that.

    “You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos bitch”

    1. Yeah he was. “Try this, it’s like..God’s vagina.” lol but I personally would love for them to be combined like it originally was going to be.

  3. Express would be a good sequel, as it is set up better for one. Superbad would be RUINED. I like there thinking on this one.

  4. I would like to see the continuing adventures of Officer Slater, Michaels, and McLovin in a Superbad sequel; or even a spin-off.

    The characters were hilarious enough and the actors had great chemistry together on screen. They were the main elements that made Superbad such a good movie in the first place.

  5. Didnt they want to make a sequel of both of these… at the same time?

    Like- one movie that sequels Pineapple Express and Superbad.

    I would be SO GAME for that.

    Seth Rogen would play an ex cop superbad) turned into druggie (Pineapple Express) That would explain the Seth Rogen mixup of characters =]
    But they would give a good funny reason as to why he changed his life from cop to crackhead

    1. I agree, it would be hilarious to see how the two movies could be combined into one sequel; however, I think it would be more fun to have Seth Rogens two character either be doppelgangers or long lost twins. It would be quite amusing seeing him play a jack ass cop and a jack ass pothead in the same scene.

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