Women in Trouble Trailer Online

Women in Trouble – the intertwining tale of 8 Women and their individual struggles are laid out in this movie that Carla Gugino is careful to tell us is not a Chick Flick now has a trailer.

Looks like this will lean on its eyecandy content to drag you into a drama about feelings layered with some clever comedy. Some were making comparisons to the ensemble story Love Actually, and this trailer makes that seem a valid paralell.

But, I love Carla Gugino so I will be giving this a shot.

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9 thoughts on “Women in Trouble Trailer Online

  1. If Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it I’m watching it. That being said I also want to see what Adrianne Palicki can do on the big screen and It’s always a pleasure to see Connie Britton. That women is still looking hot as ever.

    Not a big fan of “women trouble” movies.

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