Nathan Fillion’s Firefly Tribute on Castle

Castle fans were eagerly watching for Nathan Fillion’s suggested Easter Egg in last week’s episode, but it was anything but hidden. Fillion’s character in the show is anything but his persona from Firefly, but he relishes in his “Space Cowboy” costume before being shot down.

The true Easter Egg in this not so subtle tribute to Nathan Fillion’s Firefly character is a prop on the shelf just to the left of the screen that you can’t see very well in this clip. It is the “It’s a nothin part ’til you dont got one” from the Firefly Episode “Out of Gas”

And her line “Didn’t you wear that five years ago” was clearly a nod to the last time Fillion wore the browncoat in 2005’s feature film Serenity.

Sigh… I miss Firefly.

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18 thoughts on “Nathan Fillion’s Firefly Tribute on Castle

  1. Anyone see the latest Firefly nod? episode 45 of Castle airfare 11/15/10. Sorry but I just saw it. It had an alien abduction theme and at one point, Castle speaks Chinese. Beckett asks, “Semester abroad?” Castle replies, “No a TV show I used to love.”

    All I can say is used to love?!!!

  2. Loved the reference in this week’s Castle (aired last night) when Castle spoke Chinese and said he picked it up “From a TV show I used to love.”

  3. Did anybody notice that in this week’s “Love Me Dead” episode in the bar scene, Castle remarks, “You know I was in a bar fight once”, Beckett replies, “really? Who won?”, Castle gets punched in the face, and then Beckett says, “Let me guess, not you.” Think that’s a tribute to all those bar fights Mal picked in Firefly?

  4. :) this got me excited too. At first I thought it was a bit of a jab at the (obsessed) fans “don’t you think you should move on.” But, then I realized that Nathan never would have done this scene and stir us all up into a frenzy unless he kinda wouldn’t mind doing the character again too. In any case the shout out to the fans was quite a cool thing for him/them to do.

    I would love it if another firefly movie could be made, frankly the only character that is needed to make it would be Fillion, he “makes” the show. Incidentally he has “made” this new show too. If Castle were canceled now I would fight for it just like Firefly. Castle is currently my favorite show of 2009.

  5. Oh man, I geeked out hard on the opening of Castle this week, I even gave it a 2nd viewing last night. This show is a mega fun show and I love, love all the geek references in each episode.

      1. LoL, that is funny….I had to explain it to my kiddo who never really watched Firefly, something I am trying to correct. I did have a girlfriend I was able to text and share my excitement – we were like two teenage girls.

  6. SO PISSED I live in Philadelphia and they showed the F’n Eagles game on ABC and didn’t show Castle this week! Do they have these Episodes onLine?

  7. When I saw this episode I thought it was great, absolutely loved it! I never did get a chance to see Firefly or have gone and bought the series. I saw serenity and enjoyed the film very much.

    1. that was my reaction for easily like 10 minutes when the show start. And i jumped and clapped… and screeched like a school gi-… i mean man.

      Had to pause and explain firefly awesomeness to my girl who only knew of Serenity but didn’t recognize it.

  8. As much as I’m sure that’s meant to be an easter egg for Firely, the costume is actually much more like Vash the Stampede from Trigun (though, I’m 99.9% sure Firefly was just a live action version using elements from Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Outlaw Star).

    All that said, Nathon Fillion rocks and Castle rocks. People should watch it, if they don’t already.

  9. It was a fun episode altogether. He looked very natural wearing his Mal (Firefly)getup again.

    It brought back many found memories once again.

  10. *Spoiler-ish, I guess…?*

    I was very disappointed that he was not dressed as the “space cowboy” for the ENTIRE episode. Unrealistic…but who cares! I know I don’t…not when it comes to being dressed as Captain Mal Reynolds.

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