Jackie Chan’s Spy Next Door Trailer Online

A new Trailer for the latest Jackie Chan film has hit the net and I am without words. This looks so terrible.

I liked this movie a lot more when they called it the Pacifier.

I think I might not have minded this if it was Masi Oka in the role, but then I wouldn’t buy him as a martial artist, so there is no winning there.

My wife was curious since this will also include Magnus Scheving, who my wife has had unnatural attraction to since my youngest was 3 and she would watch him on Lazytown.


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25 thoughts on “Jackie Chan’s Spy Next Door Trailer Online

  1. The thing is years ago Jackie was asked in a interview about the comparison of Hollywood and Hong Kong Films and he said is that Hollywood doesn’t give him serious roles but they will pay him more money to do dumb unoriginal films. Though he hates it, he likes the paychecks.

    Plus Jackie made one of the best films of the year and one of the most serious roles he has ever done when he did “The Shinjuku Incident”. Maybe if John could take time out of his day to see this film.

  2. It’s such a shame to see Jackie Chan being involved in movies like these considering he’s been in so many great action films in the past. I’m going to have to pass on this one.

  3. Actually, I think Jackie is smart. He knows he can do these garbage type of movies and make a lot of money while doing some great work in Hong Kong (i.e. The Shinjuku Incident).

  4. Jackie Chan did some insane stuff for the sake of entertainment back in the day, and while he’s probably a bit too old to be doing life-threatening stunts, he’s obviously still got more than enough energy to be awesome.

    So why can’t he get himself into a solid movie instead of…this?

    …He should play a villain in a Bond movie. That’d be pretty cool. I don’t know why that popped into my head, but I think it’d be cool.

  5. I can take my nieces and nephews to see it and I still get to see Jackie Chan kicking PG ass. Rathar see Jackie Chan in a kids film than the Rock or Vin Diesel

  6. I saw this trailer before Where The Wild Things Are and disapproved of it

    Where The Wild Things Are, however.. was SO GOOD!!!! I was SO CLOSE to bawling at the end!! I need to see it again. You guys gotta see it

  7. Jackie chan has made WAAAAY more than enough movies now that he doesn’t have to give a shit what anyone says anymore. He just wants to have fun and damnit he deserves it.

  8. “I think I might not have minded this if it was Masi Oka in the role”

    First off, I’m not sure there’s any actor that would make me not mind this film (in fact, the more I liked the actor the more i’d probably hate the film… I wouldn’t wish that upon poor Masi Oka either haha)
    Secondly, that is a rather strange comment if you think about it Rodney. Really think about it.

    Jackie just makes me mad now. Who knows if we’ll ever get another addition to the classic “Rush Hour” series, now with Polanski unable to reprise his award winning role from the third. Sad, sad day…. Oh…. wait…

  9. I guess everything did not even notice that it is a Jackie Chan movie with GFD BILLY RAY CYRUS?????? What’s next a music video with Hannah Montana

  10. Let’s start with ‘The Pacifier’, does that name sound familiar, the most ridiculous movie i’ve ever seen[did anyone see how bad the last seen was, seemed like a spoof movie scene]. As much as I like Jackie Chan as a stunt performer, this just looks like rebooting or remaking the pacifier.

    Who knows, Jason Statham might do:
    “Transporter 4: The Babysitter”
    But I have a confession to make, I stole the idea of T4.

  11. beyond awful. Does jackie care about the art anymore? that montage of scenes at the beginning worried me beacause it looked like a Tuxedo sequel, but then it only got worse.

    1. LOL, why they hell did they show clips from the Tuxedo at the beginning, to remind us that this isn’t Chan’s first crap film?

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