First Look at Seth Rogen as Green Hornet

Yesterday we got a set shot of The Green Hornet costume but it was just the stuntman in the outfit.

Well now we get our first look at Seth Rogen all spiffed up in the full classic Green Hornet digs.

Looks like they haven’t strayed at all from the original look. And Seth looks dedicatedly slim compared to his previous portly persona.

Looks good to me!


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36 thoughts on “First Look at Seth Rogen as Green Hornet

  1. As one of the few on the net who were willing to give Seth Rogen the benefit of the doubt, and unlike John and Rodney I had my fingers crossed. But as much as I was pulling for the man, after looking at this still shot I must confess that even I didn’t think he’d look that great.

    But now I’m beginning to wonder…

    Could the “setbacks” of the film that the net seems to gloat over about in the last six months be better for the film? What if Rogen and Gonrdy’s vision for the film is to have an action-comedy but not to take it over the top?

    When we hear of an genre film being delayed from a target date we will give that film a pass because it will give the filmmakers more time to improve the film in one way or another. But when “Hornet” falls in the same boat? What did I read?

    ” The film’s in trouble!
    The film’s in trouble!
    The film’s in trouble!”

    Or something to that effect.

    Could this be the snapshot that helps turn the tide, the above comments seem to support that. Maybe this pic isn’t the disaster many have made it out to be.

  2. Who the fuck is the green hornet, I mean really, and Sure he looks ok what… whats with all these ‘awesome’ statements get a grip people

    1. Individuals who are familiar with Green Hornet are excited over this picture because Rogen actually LOOKS like Green Hornet. The general concern was as to whether or not the plump funny man could convincing pull off the action hero role. What’s awesome about this photo is that Rogen looks good, allaying some of the fears. Also the costume doesn’t deviate much from the original outfit of the TV series, again much to fan’s delight.

  3. All the buzz (good or bad) never phased me, I’ve been looking forward to this movie since I heard about it. I know some people were upset about Rogen being cast, but I like his funny films and I’m always up for actors branching out. He could be another jim carrey that’s capable of drama or anything else that just isn’t silly humor…you’ll never know.

    1. ditto. I’ve been championing this flick from the start. Buddies of mine have been less than kind in regards to Rogen as GH, but by golly, this photo has got to at least soothe over some naysayers.

  4. Very impressed and surprised, he looks good physically, now let’s see how he actually plays the character. For the life of me, I still have troubling not laughing when I read “Seth Rogen is the Green Hornet!”

  5. what be this will be the movie that willget back into like seth rogan i acually did like him at first but then lost it so who knows

  6. Call me impressed. Every time I tried to imagine this I picture an overweight Rogen busting at the seams of his costume. Wonder what diet/workout regime he went on to make such a change. He actually looks pretty awesome in that image.

    1. WB said they wont be making a Wonder Woman movie. Or Flash.

      And, although they are talking about a Green Arrow movie, i dont see it ever happening….DC never gets shit done, those people fucking suck.

      Unless of course, they get Batman and Supermans balls out of their mouths and start reading some OTHER comic books besides Batman/Supes

  7. Damn, he did it. I thought that chubby bastard didn’t have the “phisique” to be the Green Hornet. I guess he’s evolving, laying off those mentally challenged comedies.

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