Captain Lou Albano Passes at 76

Back when professional wrestling was actually fun to watch (I was 12) the managers and support staff were just as important as the wrestlers, and among them was the father figure of them all.

Captain Lou Albano. Who sadly passed away today at the age of 76.

FilmSchool Rejects reports:

The New York Daily News just reported that Captain Lou Albano — permanent fixture of the wrestling world, father figure to Girls who Just Wanna Have Fun, and most importantly, the human incarnation of Mario (Super Mario Bros. Super Show) — has warped to the great World 8 in the sky. He was 76.

The man was a legend of the ring making rubber bands on his face a fashion statement that never caught on.

He also served as a father figure of sorts whilst Cindy Lauper insisted that Girls Just Wanna have Fun. And more recently he played a live action Mario on the Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

So in tribute I share this clip of the closing credits to remind us of the wonder that was Captain Lou, and just why the Super Mario theme doesn’t need lyrics.

Rest in peace Lou.

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