Captain America Synopsis … That Isn’t

Right on the heels of hearing Joe Quesada’s endorsement on the progress of Captain America I admitted that we didn’t even have a plot synopsis yet.

And as if they were listening to my dark prayers to a fictional god First Showing says they got the synopsis from Production Weekly

“Born during the Great Depression, Steve Rogers grew up a frail youth in a poor family. Horrified by the newsreel footage of the Nazis in Europe, Rogers was inspired to enlist in the army. However, because of his frailty and sickness, he was rejected. Overhearing the boy’s earnest plea, General Chester Phillips offered Rogers the opportunity to take part in a special experiment… Operation: Rebirth. After weeks of tests, Rogers was at last administered the ‘Super-Soldier Serum’ and bombarded by ‘vita-rays.’ Steve Rogers emerged from the treatment with a body as perfect as a body can be and still be human. Rogers was then put through an intensive physical and tactical training program. Three months later, he was given his first assignment as Captain America. Armed with his indestructible shield and and battle savvy, Captain America has continued his war against evil both as a sentinel of liberty and leader of the Avengers.”

Ok, so that’s nothing new that we didn’t already read on Wikipedia or Marvel’s character history.

That’s not a synopsis, that is Captain America.

We want to know the story premise! (aside from what we already assume) Will it all be in WW2?

All this tells us is that Captain America will be in the film!

35 thoughts on “Captain America Synopsis … That Isn’t

  1. This is going to get lost in all this nerd talk :-p but I think most of the movie will take place during WWll and then at end he’s frozen and woken up at the very end by Nick Fury.

  2. NEW INFO: I’ve heard that someone A LIST will play CA, and he will also co-produce this movie. He will wear lifts to seem larger but then Hugh Jackman is 5’8″. He may have a dye job, but will kick major ass, and leave no expense since his company will co-produce…

    I like it no more than you, but Tom Cruise would be a serious F…ing draw to both CA and Avengers!

    1. Hugh Jackman 5’8 tal, Fett?
      Try 6’2.

      While I agree that the people behind the film would first attempt to get a “name”, Tom Cruise isn’t that name. C/W productions also has nothing to do with the film. It’s all a made up rumor.

  3. It’s my understanding from every report thus far that a good chunk of the film takes place in WWII and Cap is frozen/suspended animation in ice and thawed out in present day. It might be interesting if Nick Fury takes part of rebirth to slow down an aging process, but I suspect Fury will be in a teaser tag at the end…debrifing him as he thaws out.

    Yes. That’s right. After he thaws.
    See, it’s like this: I wouldn’t mind a cliffhanger, being that the Avengers film would either show up later in the year or the next (2011 or 2012)- we know Cap will be part of (and lead?) The Avengers. We know he’ll live. Everyone knows his fate, even those who don’t know the character. (The Avengers hype will tip off the masses), so it isn’t really needed to have one.

    I am **also** for skipping around and not have Cap’s first “mission” to be the one that winds having him up in ice.I say this so. while I doubt such a thing would happen, after “Avengers” I can bear witness to an “Invaders” movie.

    Or maybe someone goes all “Highlander” and has future Cap sequels set in present day but an event makes him recall something from his past.

    Like meeting Namor.

  4. I’d love to see the whole movie take place in WWII with the origin story, et al. Make the last 20 min the cryo-stage and awakening in the present (or near present). The WWII story should be presented to give us C/A’s mindset. I really hope they don’t rush it. With the story being set as C/A’s origin, it will give him his much needed villian throughout the flick (Red Skull). I don’t see them doing it any other way in the first movie.

  5. As long as they dont give him a motorcycle to ride like in the cheesy T.V. movie It’ll be bad ass!!!! The WW2 origin is the only way to go in my mind and have buckey and all! show some Cap kickin some nazi ass and freeze him up in the end….If they do that right, The Avengers will have more revelence and emotional impact ( just dont know how thell pull off Cap in both movies coming out so close together and keep the same actor)if they line this up right ,It’ll be what us marvel fans have only dreamed of while reading the original stories from the comics (comics were 60 cents when I started collecting back in the 80’s)I hope they get the right guy with passion for the material like Faverou or Raimi in the beginning. Just keep it away from that hack who butchered Daredevil and GhostRider…

  6. Regardless of who is behind these films…for some reason I dont seem to care and/or have low expectations for the comic book films being covered these past few days like Capt. America and Thor…I just don’t see them being translated to the extent of it not being cheesy. I’d like to be proven wrong though, but I dont know…

      1. Personally, I think Captain America can be done without being cheesy, in fact it could be amazing. That being said, if they are not careful, it will be very easy to either make a Captain America film cheesy, or even downright stupid.

    1. My sentiments exactly, matt. Remember the last time Captain America went to the screen? Granted it was a TV screen but it was still kind of silly. Same thing with the Flash. The TV show was so cheesy, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to be excited about film adapts for any of those characters, until I see it and it’s so good it proves me wrong.

  7. Can anyone imagine how intense this film can be? I just keep picturing Cap pinned by a machine gun nest with only his shield to protect him, or Cap versus a Panzer Tank. If they can capture the intensity of “Band of Brothers” and the seriousness (durring battle sequences at least) don’t make him invincible I want to be worried for him, make him use strategy as well as muscle to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Keep I in WWII.

  8. for cloud720: Remember Spiderman 1? They made Tobey aka peter parker look all frail when he is in his room, right after he got bit by the spider. Then he wakes up and he is all muscles. So it is possible…

    1. yeah because all them made him do was wear a sweater and pants to not show off his physique. That can be easily done. So it wasn’t much of a dramatic change there. For Cap, he starts looking like Tobey Maguire and in the end he ends up 6 feet tall and built like a roided up wrestler.

      1. Actually if you listen to the commentary, they performed a body switch where the frail Parker was Tobey’s head digitized on a different body, a common effect in movies. Either way, if they can make Brad Pitt age backwards and a pretty damn good job of it, I’m not too concerned about the wimpy to super soldier switch with Steve. Get the story right and trust that since it is an in house film (not farmed out to fox or sony) this will be a kick-a film.

    2. Maybe the technology used for Arnie in Terminator Salvation would do it.

      Im pray for a WW2 setting, in the ultimate costume, with the helmet and brown cowl. How great did the war time scenes of Wolverine look? To me the most interesting part of the film, with this they can do that kind of thing properly.

      End on a downbeat cliffhanger of the freezing.

      1. I agree with everything you said, but I don’t want the Arnie Salvation effects AT ALL! Also, didn’t like the war scenes from Wolverine one bit.

        But, yes to the costume and YES YES YES to the downer, cliffhanger, ending in Rogers frozen in ice. Could be amazing!

    1. I imagine that the pre-supersoldier Rogers will be played by a different actor. Perhaps CG the likeness of the actor playing Rogers on his face. I can’t see it otherwise.

      1. THey need to find a truly dedicated actor to reinvent his image…I like Wentworth Miller or Maybe even Charlie Hunnam…to do it right… mostly because they are the right age for the pre-freeze CA.

    2. I don’t think the actor (or character) will be “frail”, but perhaps have an ailment that stops him from serving. I’m thinking either

      a) it will be close to what Tim Roth looked like (minus the Abomination) when Blonsky took the first injection.

      b) the actor is filmed first, then bulks up for about a month and/or a makeup effect be it prosthetic or CG is put on him.

      c) Like Rodney said- another actor, be it a stand-in, stunt double or an average joe who is given a makeup prosthetic to look like the actor that follows him and/or CG the following actor’s face over him.

    1. But will there be a 20 minute intro showing his origins and prevailing over Red Skull to get frozen in ice, and the rest of the movie take place in present day after his thawing?

      Or will the movie end with his ice bath alluding to the Avengers film?

    2. Yeah, I hope and pray that this takes place in the WWII setting. A period super hero film is immensly appealing to me, plus we’ll get to see Cap in modern times just a few months later, in The Avengers so, no harm no foul. Plus Marvel recruited Joe Johnston to direct and I’m guessing the fact that he also directed “The Rocketeer” had something to do with their decision (a comic booky, Nazi face punching, good time. Forgotten Fridays, Rodney). Could very well just be a coincidence, but I got my fingers crossed.

    3. Also, in a time when many other countries disagree hugely with much of what the United States does, it would be better for foreign box office takes to have a super hero that represents the US introduced in a time period where America was vastly considerred good and their actions (durring WWII) heroic. Establish him as a hero to the world first, then in the sequel tell everyone “oh yeah, he still kinda likes America, even if you don’t, but he’s still an aweful nice guy.”

    4. They could modernize it very easily use the small depression recession what ever you want to call it have a Captain America born in the 80’s and gets rejected by the Marines and sadly the Navy so the Arm finds something to do with him.

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