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From Robot Chicken creators Matthew Senreich, Seth Green and Robot Chicken producer Tom Root, we get a neat looking stop motion adventure that pays tribute to the Voltron era of cartoons.

Popculture references are the lifeblood of Robot Chicken, so this is a good fit for them and its good to see them branch out into more than their rapidfire bit sketches and do something longer.

Geek Tyrant says:

Here’s a bunch of stills from Adult Swim’s upcoming stop-motion-animated series Titan Maximum. From the creators of Robot Chicken, Titan Maximum is a comedic take and homage to all those 1980s giant-robot anime shows like Voltron. Unlike the quick A.D.D fueled sketches on Robot, Maximum has a permanent set of characters and continuous story lines.

Check out Geek Tyrant for a few more.

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