Resident Evil: Afterlife Begins Filming in Toronto

I do love me some Milla Jovovich and regardless of how you feel about director Paul W.S. Anderson, you have to give the guy props for scoring with her. Seems they like to work together, so the relationship is going strong (dammit) and the next chapter of the Resident Evil series “Afterlife” is beginning primary photography a stones throw from my town.

Bloody Disgusting reports:

Production has officially begin in Toronto, Canada for Screen Gems and Constantin’s Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is to be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson from his own screenplay. The international release it confirms that Milla Jovovich will return as Alice, with Ali Larter returning as Claire Redfield

This means for the next couple of months Milla will be in Toronto. And according to the restraining order I will have to keep my distance.

The film however doesn’t get me all that excited, but with all the news surrounding each of the sequels I know there is a following of sorts for this franchise, and for those Resident Evil fans, they will be happy to see yet another chapter.

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20 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Afterlife Begins Filming in Toronto

  1. they are filming down the street from me in an old knob hill farms building and all around my nebourghood or at least i think its aresident evil that they are filming cause they were filming up at the oshawa airport earlier.

  2. I always go see these films in theaters for some reason. They’re fun, I don’t think they’re the best thing ever…but they entertain me. Oh well…I’ll probably see this one too when it comes out.

  3. they were filming it right below my building at 269 jarvis st if ppl wanted check out they have like 5hammers cars and mad ppl with makeup on and soo on alot cool things…it might just be a flopped at the boxoffice

  4. multi pass thats hilarious.

    Naked in a shower….check

    Red dress with short short shorts…..check

    More Mila….check

    Mila and Ali Larter….can we make a connection here huh Paul W.S. Anderson

  5. This is one successful franchise that I believe needs a reboot. They should make a trilogy that focuses on RE Zero through Re 3 Nemesis. Then make a film after the trilogy on RE4 the game. Milla is super hot but the current RE movies suck.

  6. Despite the big promise of the previous film being set in a sand covered Vegas (it was, kinda like how much time Jason spent in Manhattan) and being a bit of a jip in that regard, I liked Res Evil 3 much better than the previous two films.

    I might give 4 a chance. It might be interesting where they go with the Alice clone army thing.

  7. I’m with you Rodney. As a huge fan of the video game series and how the movies are barely anything like the games, it’s hard for me to like anything about these movies, other then the fact that it stars the awesome Milla Jovovich.

    Did you know she sings now for Maynard James Keenan’s (lead singer of Tool) new music act, Puscifer? And she has an amazing voice at that. Check out some of the live shows she did with the group on YouTube, some really good stuff.

    But about her doing a 4th RE movie. I kind of liked how the last one ended, but just enough to rent it for the heck of it. I’ve gotten use to the fact that they aren’t ment to be true movie versions of the game stories. Man, a movie version of RE:4 would be truly amazing.

    So instead I just look at them as a weird, dark super hero series, set during an apocalyptic time line, with a strait to DVD budget, LOL. At least that’s what they’ve gotten down to.

    It’s just a guilty pleasure one night movie rental for me. I’d like to think this new one could actually turn out good for once, but, I know it wont. ;P

  8. awwww…another one? someone please give the rights to someone else, andersons RE films have gotten worse after each installment. but it makes decent money so they will keep churning them out…. shame too, the way the 1st one ending gave me a little hope. and for the life of me i really dont find milla appealing at all in these movies…maybe this new flick will be decent but i doubt it

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