Paranormal Activity Trailer – Holy Crap

There is a new trailer out for the upcoming horror film “Paranormal Activity“. All I can say at the moment is this: If the movie is half a scary as the trailer, you’ve got a winner of a horror film on your hands. I’ve never been freaked out by a trailer before… until now. It’s no wonder some of the major horror movie websites on the net are calling it “one of the scariest movies of all time”.

Holy crap this looks freaky as hell. I’m not even sure I want to see it. :P

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70 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity Trailer – Holy Crap

  1. I saw this film last night ( after waiting in line for 3 hours) and it scared the hell out of me, not all of it just one part. I LOVE scary movies, but I think this movie ruined me.. I was almost crying…

  2. From what I’ve read, it’s fuzzy.

    This movie now has three endings. All of which are negative (in a good way). The studio had them film a new one, a more classical “Hollywood” horror ending – we get the big reveal; the two other climaxes left you wondering what had happened.

    The first version gave you a big shock (choppy choppy); like a jumping cat, only MUCH better. The second involved the police coming into the house. The third goes all out evil (if this the one they’re using, theater goers are going to mess their pants – who’s looking at whom?).

    Not sure which one I prefer. Each has their own merits; 1) Surprise, 2) Sorrow, 3) Tenure. I just hope they have all the ending on the DVD. Better yet, through seamless branching, let you watch the movie with ending A, B or C.

    Hell, I’m still waiting for the deluxe edition of “The Blair Witch Project”, they shot A LOT more footage that never made it into the movie. Different endings as well. You would think that this year; the ten year anniversary that something would’ve been done. Nope. Squat.

    As for the effectiveness; all depends on what you believe or your level of paranoia. Some will take it as joke and boring. Sure fine, for the rest of us we KNOW better. And some of us better than others.

  3. I think it looks great. And it looks scary for the same reason The Blair Witch Project was scary–it has the illusion of reality. When you film the whole thing with a amateur camera, it all the sudden takes on a whole new level of creepiness because it looks like someone actually filmed it. We all know that it’s just a movie and that there’s a whole crew of people behind the camera, but we allow ourselves to ignore that and pretend like we’ve just been given the exclusive view of real footage shot by the people in the film. If you used a regular, professional camera and shot the same scenes, you would lose much of the creepiness factor. Again, that’s why Blair Witch worked and Blair Witch 2 failed–you take away that element of realism, and the house of cards crashes to the ground.

    Take, for example, the scene from this trailer with the bed sheet. Shot on a Hollywood camera, it may look a little weird, but it probably wouldn’t freak anyone out. But now, shot with a home video camera, the scene is creepy as all get out.

    I for one can’t wait to see this.

  4. Can’t say what I’ll think of the movie itself, but I don’t get how that trailer is scary. Maybe if they showed a bit more of the movie and less of the crowd, it might have had a different affect.

  5. jesus christ listen to all you moaners!!!
    i have seen this film. I am a huge horror guy and I tell you know It is a very good horror film. very creepy and a lot of “fun”

    Keep your expectations in check and you will enjoy. don’t go in with any “scariest movie of all time” expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Wow. I love camcorder movies, and I love horror, this is like a dream come true.

    And it actually looks scary, I can’t even remember the last time I saw an actually scary movie in a theater.

  7. I’m a huge horror movies fan. From the age of 13-14 to the present day (33), even it was hard, very hard ’cause all the crap they keep filming :(
    I couldn’t say from the trailer, but it looks like a more shocking “it could be a true story” kind of filmed movie, but I don’t think it will be something good. They’re only trying to make a hype of it, like blairwitch, or cloverfield, or whatever…This are hard times for the horror fans, glad that Raimi filmed something, even for a mediocre film (for his standards) like drag me to hell – expected ending, too much “jumping in front of the lens scenes” to make the people jump in their seats. That isn’t horror…but at least is better than all the unnecessary remakes they keep doing…waiting for REC 2, and hoping that it will be good as the first..sorry for the digression from the main theme, but I had to complain to somebody a little ;)

  8. I agree, the trailer doesn’t look particularly awe (fear?) inspiring, but before bashing it how about having a quick look at imdb and rotten tomatoes – so far it’s being praised from all corners for being genuinely entertaining and freaky-as-hell.

  9. I wanted to see this movie but now so much hype ruined it. I don’t believe any of the people in the audience! Bad actors or people who only watch soup operas and get scared by anything! Ohhhhhhh it’s creepy…ohhhhhhhhhh it’s scary….
    Go watch Antichrist instead!

  10. This looks mediocre scary and horribly everything else. That girl is just another girl that all the baddies are after for no apparent reason whatsoever or at least one that never pertained to her life before until a sring of stupid and idiotic (irony, right?) events leave her remembering something important (to her) about ehr childhood or what not that will have everything but the kitchen sink wanting to slay her. No thanks, I’ve seen it a hundred times already.

    But this may be a little different…

  11. Goddamn movie ‘fans’ are such jaded fucking assholes.

    This movie is shot the way it is because it’s the crux of the story. It’s the whole point. It looks fun, it has a good sense of dread. Everybody that hasn’t seen it drops the same uneducated shit ‘looks like the blair witch’, ‘boring’, ‘I don’t like anything’… those that have seen it, including one of my friends said it’s the scariest thing he’s seen in years. He’s 40 years old and is a giant horror movie fan.

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see it. Goddamn you bitter motherfuckers.

  12. the exorcist crossed with blair witch. looks lame and the acting looked crap.

    I remember when they did this kind of trailer for the first final destination, with everyone jumping out of their seats. Admittedly, i did shit myself when the girl gets hit by a bus, but they must have replied that audience reaction 10 times in the trailer. This movie will suck. Remember “My little Eye” anyone??

  13. I love spooky movies, so this one I definitely want to check out! I can’t actually remember the last time I’ve been scared because of a movie…it’d be cool if this one does actually scare me.

  14. I’m a hard person to scare, especially with horror films. It looks like it has an intense atmosphere, and pretty interesting camera angles, but I didn’t really get that scared. Except for the part with the bed sheet and when she looks all possessed in the camera for about a millisecond. I’d give it a shot though. It looks like an independently made film.

  15. Wow – there are a lot of jaded people here in the comments section. I bet if Poltergeist came out today, and it had a smiliar trailer, about half of you would knock it. Pathetic.

  16. Is everyone serious? People think this looks scary? OMG A SHEET MOVING! SCREAM!!! I’ll pass. This trailer does nothing or shows nothing new that we haven’t already seen before. Just let some co-workers watch it and got a few chuckles. IMO “The Fourth Kind” looks more interesting than this.

  17. They are relying on people being scared before even entering the theatre. The Brain will release chemicals into the body if the brain thinks that is suppose to. This is all about hype and not actual film making. Thus not interested. It’s a fun psychological experiment I suppose, but not interested.

  18. I don’t enjoy being scared while watching a movie, and avoid it at all costs. I won’t be seeing this.
    Looks like it might be well done for the kind of movie it is though.

  19. I think a lot of people are just falling for a (very effective) hype machine. The trailer was totally yawn worthy to me. mind you, I’m a huge horror, so I’m a bit more used to scares than some other people, but even so.

    Now, mind you, I have my tickets to see the film next week, and I truly hope to be scared. However, right now, it looks kind of boring to me.

    1. Precisely what i was thinking, lol. There’s nothing at all outstanding about this trailer that i can see.

      I dunno, maybe to the average movie goer it might be thrilling, but horror being my fav film genre, I’ve seen so many horror flicks that I’m more jaded than a Chinese dragon.

  20. I heard about this film last year when it was going arounf festivals. A lot of reviewers talked about it being incredibly scary, thanks to it’s reliance on excellently and masterfully building dread and suspense instead of relying on shock. Looking forward to it.

    And I’m glad Paramount decided to not re-make the film, which was their plan when they bought it.

    1. Don’t waste your money! Enjoy the trailers for that is the only thing that makes the movie..and that sucks your interest in. Ends very STUPID!! Nothing here to look forward to. Wait til its on DVD, it’s only worth a few bucks worth seeing. Just my thoughts!!

    1. The Trailers are all there is to this movie!! It is slow moving and the constant movie of the video camera makes you get a headache, nausea and I almost fell asleep. The ending is DUMB!! If you were disappointed in Blair Witch..then I can tell you this will too. It was the worst movie this year that I’ve seen. Some scenes were cool..only the trailer ones. But I too got goose bumps watching the trailer..I would seek help if one is experiencing these kinds of hauntings!I’m not into crapping my pants!

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