Michael Bay updates Transformers 3 and Bad Boys 3

Seems there is a lot of talk about Michael Bay’s upcoming projects which include the inevitable Transformers 3 and his return to the Bad Boys franchise for a third as well.

GeekTyrant quotes Michael “Boom” Bay:

* He will be meeting later this week with Steven Spielberg, and Ehren Kruger to discuss ideas for Transformers 3. By the end of the week he should have an idea if Transformers 3 will hit your local cineplex in the summer of 2011 or 2012.
* In the meantime “Pain & Gain” is looking very possible as is…
* …Bad Boys 3. Either film coming to a theater near you before or after Transformers 3.

Considering the metric pantload of money Bay’s films have brought in as of late, you can bank on Transformers 3 to come out and I am actually looking forward to it. My hope springs from the simple fact that Bay seems to be listening to the fans and giving them what they want.

The fans wanted more bots, we got em. The fans wanted Devestator, we got him (balls and all). However he did add in some more candy that didn’t taste as sweet with the Jerry Springer Twins and another useless human. Maybe he will continue to listen to the fans cries for inspiration and will tighten things up. Third time’s the charm right?

As for Bad Boys 3, I could care less. The first one was fun, the second was alright, but they really put the senseless into senseless violence – even for Bay. So I might catch it eventually but its not high on my anticipation meter.

By the way, last week when that sonic boom happened over LA, it wasn’t the space shuttle, it was Michael Bay lighting his Barbque!

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28 thoughts on “Michael Bay updates Transformers 3 and Bad Boys 3

  1. i dont go to transformers movies like some fat ass nerd just to see giant robots.im not saying its bad though actually its my favorite movie but i go to see megan fox and nice cars. the explosions and robots are just an extra. if bay just had a plot like in the first movie the second one would be the best he just needs less robots and more of the movie time dedicated to people. lots of people would disagree but thats how hes going to make money. doing this would capture a completely new audience because people can relate with shia or megan but how the fuck can they relate to optimus or megatron, if they put unicron in then the whole franchise would go down. the male audience is easy to pull in because like myself they go for megan fox and cars bay needed to get more in detail with sideswipe so men could enjoy the movie like they did the first one when they spent half an hour introducing bumble bee. i think bay learned what he needs to do and transformers 3 is going to be one of the best movies ever.

  2. i really dont thing bad boys 3 will happen, i remember shortly after bb2 came out will smith was quoted as saying he’ll never work with martin lawrance again cuz he was such a pain in the ass. correct me if im wrong, i dont think i am but i wont rule it out.my predictions for transformer 3 is that shia, megan, and the other dude will join the autobots and decpticons in war on planet cybertron, thats what the original transformer cartoon (movie) did, its what beast wars (the nxt transformers generation of robots desguised as animals) said happened, and a few years ago a shorter lived transformers cartoon on cartoon network also broght the humans to cybertron. as for who die, if they go by the original cartoon itll be both optimus and megatron as well as star scream and a truce is made after the autobots win the war.

    1. Zack, the movie is not cannon with the show, and I don’t really see any reason for humans on cybertron.

      Would you bring your pet hamster to war? The story is “their war our planet” and there is nothing that would suggest any autobot needs to return to cybertron let alone bringing humans along.

      1. Fuck the human characters. People go see these films for the Robots. Not for Megan. Not for Shia. The Robots. They could have Unicron attack Cybertron and have the autobots and decepticons return to stop him.

  3. I don’t care what people think about Michael Bay, but I will admit that his films are really fun to watch. BB 1&2, Armageddon, Transformers 1&2, Pearl Harbour, The Island, The Rock, those were all really fun to watch. Yeah it’s true that his films are shallow but it doesn’t matter as long as I enjoy them. And looking forward for Transformers 3 and BB 3,haven’t seen Will Smith for a long time.

  4. I love Michael Bay, he’s great at what he does. Hear me out here, he’s an awesome, AWESOME action director. He never pretends to make deep movies, so while its fun to poke jokes at him (I know I sure do too), at the end of the day I respect him for his ability to deliver mind-blowing action.

  5. Bay listens to the fans alright. He took everything that was good about the first Transformers and made it 10x better. But he also took everything that was bad about Transformers and made it 10x worse.

    We got tons more robots, but most of them are nameless and indistinguishable, are reduced to cameos, appear only to be destroyed in seconds and have no personalities beyond a mass of stereotypes.

    I don’t have much hope for Transformers 3.

  6. I like the Bad Boys though both are too long and really loose steam by the 3rd acts…then again I believe that’s pretty much all of MB’s film. I don’t see or feel a need for BB3.

    I didn’t enjoy Transformers 2 all that much, it had some awesomeness within a bunch of empty space. If we need more human time give us Josh Duhamel. Definitely kill Megan Fox’s character and the stupid twins.

  7. I want three things for Transformers 3, since it is part 3 – no pun intended :) :

    1.) The Dinobots – there is no way these oversized reptiles would be ignored. The fans are clamoring and demanding for them to appear in part 3.

    2.) Ultra Magnus and Omega Supreme – both of these Autobots will definitely shoot up the interest level 100% for this flick.

    3.) More combiner Decepticons like Bruticus(Combaticons) and Menasor (Stunticons). Yeah, Michael Bay can put back in the Devastator without his balls. Hope they combine dramatically in the flick.

  8. just give the franchise to the Wachowskis what they did with speed racer was pretty amazing. captured the tone of the old show perfect. i was all smiles all through that film. i enjoyed part 1 for what it was a so-so introduction story, but 2 was just plain stupid. andy and larry would do a great job.

  9. Transformers: Cars, Robots, Car-Robots, Breasts, Breast-Robo…wait, not that.

    I don’t care what anyone says, I love the Transformers films. I’ve learned what to expect, and what not to expect. Bring on the explosions.

    1. I kinda of agree with you, not all films need to be a engaging film with a complex story and character. Some times I like simplicity like big explosions and violence thats just being entertained and sometimes us film dorks go oh we need to have a dramatic film that is so deep and real ask some one why they like Citizen Kaine or There Will Be Blood and you will get some bull shit answer where it sounds all sophisticated. And like them explaining it to you, it is like watching it after a minute or two in your thinking about something completely different call me non intelligent or bad taste in film I take Michael Bay films over Orson Wells any-day

    2. Exactly right.

      Transformers is what it is. It’s a fun action franchise that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Not every film has to be dark and serious.

      Bay does a fantastic job with these films, and I’m looking forward to number 3. The day the franchise goes to another director is when I get a bit worried. For now, I know what to expect from Bay, and I know I’ll like it.

      1. “Not every film has to be dark and serious.”

        Kind of funny that you say that considering Tranformers 2 was supposed to be dark. Though it wasn’t. And the third is supposed to be “darker”, but I’m sure we’ll get more toilet humor.

    3. The greatest action films have a deep plot and a philosophical theme that drives it. Movies like Terminator 2 and Aliens. A good film is balanced, and actually has, you know, A STORY. Any of this ringing a bell? Tons of explosions and naked ladies in succession do not cut it.

      And yeah, Citizen Kane is overrated in many circles. It’s a great film, but there are far better our there. And I certainly don’t think it’s greater than Casablanca.

      1. Ok dude you just named my two favorite action films of all time Aliens and Terminator 2 and your right there is something deeper in them both Human kind loves to fight wars its in our nature. yea but I don’t want every film I watch to be like that cause than I wont appreciate them as much so to have a Bay who makes fun pop corn flicks is grate and their is nobody better in the business.

        The guy has well earned connections every big time director in the business has connections thats how you get films made Studios want a director who makes them money sure it feels good to pay Darren Aronofsky or some other director who make a film that is a critical success and makes a little money but if you had a million dollars and you had 90 % chance of doubling it would you so thats what happens when you give Bay money he makes a very marketable product so stop wining you miserable haters and welcome to the real world.

    1. Michael Bay’s pretty much a moron with lots of money and connections. His success here is bound to all fizzle out and fall apart in the end. Unless, dare we hope it, some better writers come in for the third. Don’t get me wrong, the writing for the first film wasn’t bad, but the plot and characters are just so…thin. A story needs a point. A controlling idea. an underlying philosophical premise. That way the plot can flow with more direction and be much more satisfying in the long run.

  10. Shia Lebeouf said that it will be darker, and that someone is going to die in the next one.

    Love the BBQ joke…
    Michael Bay jokes NEVER get old…i love youtubing his spoof videos. Its great.

    Im sure he used to blow shit up as a young toddler.

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