Happy Birthday Star Trek

One franchise that I have enjoyed off and on throughout the years is Star Trek. Granted it’s origin predates even my birth, and I was 5 when Star Wars came out and was a far bigger fan of that. But the undeniable presence of Star Trek began on this day 43 years ago!

Chud shares:

On September 8th 1966 Star Trek premiered on NBC with the episode The Man Trap. 43 years ago the USS Enterprise began boldly going where no television show had gone before, and this summer it proved that there was more than enough dilithium crystals in the old warp nacelles to keep going for some time yet.

So after 5 Television series and now 11 feature films, Trek went from a devoted cult following, to a successful run of TV shows to modest feature film boxoffices and finally fading out before a new reboot/sequel sparked new interest.

Star Trek The Original Series
Star Trek The Next Generation
Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Star Trek Voyager
Star Trek Enterprise
Star Trek (new film)

Each had its own flavour and approach the the Trek universe. Which one appealed most to you?

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