Fantastic Four Getting The Reboot

It’s hard to believe that a series of films as bad as The Fantastic Four was (hey, I didn’t hate the first one actually… but it wasn’t exactly “good”, and the second was a total train wreck) made about $500 million domestically at the box office. You’d think that with those kind of numbers, they’d just keep making them till the cows came home.

However, Fox saw the writing on the wall when critics and fans pretty much gave the second film the big thumbs down and knew that if they made a third film, the financial intake would be SIGNIFICANTLY less this time around.

BUT… there’s a problem. The Fantastic Four is one of the most recognizable and successful names in all of comics. What is a studio to do?

The same thing they did with Hulk. REBOOT IT!

So yes, Fox studios is going to ditch the cast and totally restart Fantastic Four… and I’ve got to say I really like the move. Fantastic Four is just too good of a property to leave in the hands of the people who were doing it. Give it another shot. The material is worth it. It worked quite well with Hulk… why not Fantastic Four?

Look, I’m not saying that a rebooted Fantastic Four WILL be better than the previous ones… but there is a chance, and that’s something a third film with the same cast and crew didn’t have.

What about you? Do you like this news or do you think it’s a bad move?

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