FanExpo Toronto Tron Display

There was a special booth at the FanExpo in Toronto sponsored by Disney specifically for the promotion of the upcoming Tron Legacy.

Clearly the producers who made an appearance and offered a 15 minute sneak peek at select scenes of the as-yet-to-be-completed film were completely unaware that the die hards don’t treat Friday as critical attendance. So… I missed it.

But I did get some nice shots of the lightcycle they had on display including my very own sidekick and boothbabe Mindy.

I asked around to find out what I missed, and I was told that they really didn’t say much about the plot or if Bridges was the badguy now or what the deal was.

Which of course only made me even MORE interested.

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5 thoughts on “FanExpo Toronto Tron Display

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    1. Nope. Missed it. Just like I mentioned in the post.

      I hear it wasn’t anything leading, and the Disney officials that were there for Q&A didn’t say much either.

      1. Ya it was pretty well undone. Its seems from the concept art that they showed that it will use alot of CGI so it seems to be mostly an unfinished movie. It still looked impressive.

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