Do you Wanna Date my Avatar?

Felicia Day is a pioneer of the new media. Her comedy webseries that parodies the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games is a hit, and as it entered its second season it earned sponsorship by Microsoft and XBox Live. She is also credited for inspiring Joss Whedon’s online distributed Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog in which she also starred.

But just for fun, the cast of Day’s webseries The Guild did a 90s style Dance video called “Do you Wanna Date My Avatar” which you can purchase online, or watch streaming here via YouTube.

I always thought Felicia was a hottie, but this impresses me a lot. Yeah, she’s still pretty hot, but her geekfactor went through the roof with this one.

And what does this have to do with movies? Well… not much. I could make a veiled attempt to talk about what this means for online distribution methods for movies, but really, I just wanted to share the hotness that is Felicia Day, and geek out about a neat music video she made.

37 thoughts on “Do you Wanna Date my Avatar?

  1. Doesn’t Felicia Day look like Veronica Belmont in the sceneswhere gold is pouring on Codex(The clip is from The Guild, right?)?

    1. How is she NOT hot? Shes physically attractive, geeky charming, and a dangerously brilliant mind hiding behind that modest shy facade.

      Mark my words, Felicia is the Queen of Internet media.

  2. I love The Guild, it’s hilarious and this video is a huge crack up! I’m glad Felicity is finding sucess with this project.

  3. I love The Guild and Felicia Day, I find her so funny and quite a talented actress.
    I love this, it’s creative, well made and utterly hilarious.

    1. Right, ’cause dancing in a videoclip that reach #1 on iTune the day it’s released is SOOOO a bad idea!

      Anyway, I personnally think this videoclip’s awesome! The lyrics are great, the music is catchy, and Felicia is damn sexy in her priest outfit! ^_^ Amy’s hot too as the hunter (huntress?)! Love her dancing!

    2. I agree. I am sure they were all pretty excited to be on an independent project that is beating out network TV shows and popular music videos for downloads.

      You make it sound like they are embarassed to be in this? What is there to be embarassed about? The video is a qualified success.

  4. Well, I didnt find it all that humorous myself but the video is well done and the song has a catchy hook if you know what I mean.

    Wasnt really my thing but I can see where many people would enjoy it.

  5. only think i remember her from is the stupid e3 facebook/xbox thing. vid was well made but i didnt laugh that much, maybe i needed to be a fan of hers to enjoy this?

  6. God she is so HOT! I really need to watch the first 2 seasons I only watched up to ep 5. Hey John since your a MMO fan how about a review on the movie Second Skin (free on Hulu or for purchase this week)

      1. Well it was a little bit funny. I did laugh at some parts. Felicia Day is cute but I don’t consider her a hottie. In the geek world she’s rare, an attractive woman who likes video games. But what I like about her is that she does seem approachable. Someone you can get to know real quick and feel comfortable around.

  7. Love “The Guild”, unfortunately I slept in from drinking too much the night before their panel at Comic Con. That’s where they debuted the video and came out dressed in their avatar outfits.

    Can’t wait until Season 3 in about a week. Wil Wheaton is in this season, hahahaha

    BTW Felicia Day is the Queen of Web Video


  8. That was pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Wowweee. You’re right. She’s incredibly attractive, and that Asian looking girl looked real purty too. Wanted to keep seeing more of her.

  9. Just linked this on Facebook not 5 minutes ago. It’s made me want to go watch the guild so bad, which is what I am going to do right now because I’m on the internet.

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