CBS to Reboot Gunsmoke

I was weened on the action of the old spaghetti westerns. My father still watches them religiously even though he has seen them all a dozen times. Gunsmoke was among his favourites.

Now CBS has set their sights on Gunsmoke to create a feature for CBS Films.


CBS has tapped Gregory Poirier (”National Treasure: Book of Secrets”) to write the script.

The action-adventure will re-imagine Marshal Matt Dillon, the hero of the classic Western, for modern audiences. According to Risky Biz Blog, the movie will still be set in the Old West but will have a more “contemporary look” and modern action.

I get concerned when they say things like “contemporary look” and “modern action”

I hope this doesn’t mean wire work or silly exaggerated action, but at the same time I hope contemporary means a gritty real western like 3:10 to Yuma instead of the pastel and technicolor bright optimistic look of the series.

We will have to wait and see more to find out what comes of this.