Cameron’s Avatar Poster Online

We got our first peek at Avatar, and now that 12ft naked cat lady seems to be the spokesmodel for the film.

And now the first poster with the character has hit the net.

Its a nice first impression to give on the poster. For those who were not following the online buzz around this film, this might be the first hint of the film that the mass market sees.

46 thoughts on “Cameron’s Avatar Poster Online

  1. The character in this poster looks exactly like the characters in the 70s French film Fantastic Planet. Even some of the themes seem very similar. Hmmm…

  2. Looks interesting. I’m not too excited about the film even though I loved Titanic (screw all yalls)and Terminator, but the poster isn’t bad.

    12ft naked cat lady? That’s starting to remind me of Beowulf.

  3. James Cameron is pushing his limits on this film.
    I’ll keep tabs on this coz he’s one of the pioneers in film making.

  4. This movie interests me less and less.

    The alien designs are so tired and hokey. The blue chick is something straight out of 1960s Star Trek.

    1. Accept that in Star Trek from the 60’s it would just be some woman painted blue. Outside of color the aliens from Avatar and something from a 60’s Star Trek episode would look nothing alike. So not taking into account these two observations, then yes.. you are right, the aliens from Avatar do look like something that just stepped out of a Star Trek episode… oh wait! What?!?

    2. “Except that in Star Trek from the 60’s it would just be some woman painted blue.”

      … Are we looking at the same picture? Both designs are just a human painted blue. And given the enormous range of freedom that designing an alien species should allow, that just shows a severe lack of imagination on Cameron’s part.

      But I’ll be fair: Besides the tail and blue skin, what exactly is alien about this design? And then tell me how its any different from the “like a human, but with pointy ears” school of alien design from 60s star trek.

    3. You need to google the images of the characters. Aside from being bipedal humanoids, they are CLEARLY not just people in costumes and if you saw the full body picture you would see that.

      Physical proportions are impossible for the characters to just be painted people. Even just the face picture is obvious that its not just a human painted blue. Theses are CGI near human like aliens.

    1. It will be in 3D if you see it at a movie that is in 3D. They are releasing trailers for practically every possible format: Internet 2D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, Cineman 2D, Cinema 3D, and TV 2D. I believe the 15min screening that is on August 21 is going to be IMAX 3D.

    1. I think the face in this picture is inhuman in proportions and created entirely in CG. It is possible that she may voice the character, but it is not her face.

      Just sayin.

    2. uuuh Roney, they definitely took from her face. it’s motion capture and there are some definite similarities in this avatar’s face to Zoe’s. The lips being the most obvious and the eyes. The girl is sexy as hell so trust me when I say I have examined this gorgeous woman’s face many a time.

    1. Oh, this is also the same day that the showing of X Games 3D starts, which will only be showing for a week. Wonder if I will be able to catch both in the same day.

  5. I love how people jump to the conclusion “looks like CGI” so quickly. I am not going to say a lot of times this isn’t true, but when we see something so out of place we know it cannot be real subconsciously I believe we automatically jump to this conclusion no matter how “realistic” it may actually look.

    Moreover, is it really necessary to point this out? Back in the day when everything was done with make-up, puppets, and/or models did people quickly jump to the conclusion and point out that “that looks like a puppet”, “omg, that is soooo make-up”, or “Psshhh, that’s just a model!”?

    Back in the day you had to let go of a bit of reality to truly immerse yourself and allow yourself to get sucked in to such movies. Imagining the unreal as real to help bring life to what you saw. That has not changed today. Sure you can sit and nitpick about anything to death in regard to effect past, present, or future… but the only injustice you do this to is yourself.

    1. Ummm… yeah, actually people DID used to say that about puppets, make-up and miniature models.

      While the detail certainly looks realistic, the facial structure looks very cartoonish and unrealistic. For a movie being hyped as the most amazing CGI ever seen, the teaser should not be a picture cropped in a way that makes the cartoonish appearance so prominent. It totally defeats the purpose of hyping the amazing CGI.

      “From the director of Titanic” proves what I’ve said for ages about this film, that the name “James Cameron” attached to this means nothing to the general public. However perhaps it would have been better to go with Cameron’s films that are more in line with what the target audience of this film would like. Titanic is a chick flick. Something like “from the director of Terminator 2, Aliens and Titanic” may have been better.

      So far… consider me underwhelmed.

    2. @ Shane

      If aliens do exist, who is to say they won’t look cartoonish to us despite the fact that they would be real?

    3. i agree 100%
      fact is people have had there eyes trained for years to detect irregulars in sight….this pster is nothing amazing but what it says is this movie is about shit we have no clue about….imo thats awesome…to me im hoping (havent been let down yet by him) this movie gives us a fresh take on a sci fi. Me personally i cant wait and this is the most waited on movie for me. James cameron is the real fucking deal…..he is super cool super nice and super good at what he does….i will forgive CANADA for brian adams cause james cameron is a beast.

    4. @Shane, it is a teaser poster.

      To give us only a hint of the character is the precise intention of the poster.

      You complain that it doesn’t look right or that these “avatars” (which are a virtual world game like characters that make up the movie) look CGI means you missed the point of the film entirely.

      Even the general public knows James Cameron, and attaching his name to it alongside the credit he will more widely be recognized for (Titanic) will remind those who don’t make the connection. This is a proper use of the promo line. It is intended to add buzz and it does that just fine.

      Titanic might have been a chick flick but more crossover demographics have seen that than all Terminator and Aliens fans combined. Its just numbers.

    5. @ Rodney

      I don’t know anything at all about the film. So I haven’t “missed the point” of the film. I don’t know the point. So if this teaser makes me think it looks silly, then it’s failing to do it’s job at getting me hyped up, at least for me as an individual.

      If the name James Cameron means anything to the masses, why didn’t they use the tagline “A James Cameron film”? Because that means nothing to the public. I know that all of us film fanatics pay attention to directors, but most people don’t.

      A director alone will never sell a film. Actors can. Directors can’t. And a lot of people have been saying this film will be HUGE simply because Cameron is the director. While I agree this means it is likely to mean it will be good, and if it’s good, that will likely lead to it being popular… but not necessarily. Quite often good directors make good films, but they just aren’t big hits.

      I think this film is likely to end up being very good, because Cameron has a great track record. But his huge hits also all had huge stars like Leonardo Dicaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Did people see Titanic and T2 for the name Cameron… or for Leo and Arnie? That’s what Avatar doesn’t have.

    6. That is the point. Its a teaser. It doesn’t have to spell anything out for you. You don’t have to know anything about the film. Its a tiny peek. That is the point.

      And the mass public is more likely to associate with actors names than a director. Most people can’t name the director of their favourite films (TMB Readers tend not to be “most people” in this statement) but they know what their favourite films are.

      This isn’t the first time that a name drop is reinforced with a reminder of their biggest film. Its really not that big of a deal.

    7. My statement about the ‘Titanic’ tagline is not a complaint about the teaser poster Rodney. It’s just an observation about the potential success of this film. It’s costing so much, and I’ve seen a lot of people online saying that this will be hugely successful just because Cameron is the director. I think the fact they don’t even use his name on the poster means even the studio realizes this is not automatically the case. For a poster it makes sense, since sadly Cameron’s name alone won’t be a selling point the the masses.

      And I understand the purpose of the poster is just to give a tiny hint of the characters. But you specifically said that I had missed the entire point of the film. Don’t try to backpedal that. As someone who knows nothing about what the film is about, this small peak of the character isn’t that impressive, since it just looks like a cartoonish CGI face. If I hadn’t already been aware that this film is supposed to have the most elaborate CGI ever seen, this poster alone doesn’t show me anything to get too excited about, because I don’t think this picture does a good job showing off how impressive the CGI is supposed to be. I think the composition because of how the picture is cropped makes the face look worse than if the whole head were shown, perhaps partially covered by shadow.

    8. I never backpedal, and I never claimed you didn’t get the point of the film.

      You repeatedly try to put words in my mouth in order to make your point. I am used to it already.

      My statement stands and is completely accurate. You criticized that the facials look unrealistic. Well duh, its a CHARACTER IN A GAME in the movie. So yeah, you don’t get it. It’s underwhelming? Well its a teaser. Its supposed to be. Just a hint. Hints don’t blow you away. They lure. People will wonder what the blue girl is. Mission accomplished.

      But you will dance around it to save face and we will just roll our eyes at you.

      The movie is very likely to fail financially considering the money put behind it. But Cameron’s technology will prove itself and this will be a 90 minute commercial for the technology and studios will line up to use it in their next effects based blockbuster.

    9. “Well duh, its a CHARACTER IN A GAME in the movie.”

      I’m 99.99% sure that is NOT the case. To my knowledge, there is no “virtual world”, real life video games, The Matrix, or any sort of virtual game characters in Avatar, whatsoever. There is a real alien moon and in order to inhabit it, some humans can transfer their consciousness into an Avatar (which is either a real Alien or some sort of replica of the aliens, not a virtual or video game being, a real-life flesh and blood one).

      So yeah, no video game worlds, just an alien planet, and no video game characters, just aliens (some with human consciousness). I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am (and hope I’m not, I’d be much less interested in this film if they were playing around in a video game).

    1. It should be from the Director Of Terminator 2 and Aliens. or Even True LIes Titanic everyone remembers as the best chick flick ever.

      Not the guy who made the two grates sequels and and sci fi action flicks ever.

  6. CGI, person in makeup (Ms. Weaver, perhaps?) no matter. It’s a great poster….if not at least wonderous ‘puter wallpaper. I think they could have done without ‘From the Director of Titanic’ and just say ‘A James Cameron film’. That, int’l friends, says it all.

    I’m looking forward to this film; I am not alone.

  7. Okay, Rodney my man. This is not the first peek that has hit the web. In fact, as I sit here typing this to you, I have a desktop background of the “male blue guy” and he actually looks a lot more realistic than this. However, when it comes to looking CGI or real, when you have a huge BLUE face all up in YOUR face it’s kinda obvious that it’s not real. BUT if you really take a good look at it, it looks pretty goddamn real. Also the fact that she is a CAT lady with a weird facial structure gives away the fact that she’s CGI. But other than that, this is pretty awesome.

    1. Hope they use the same CGI for the Thundercats movie, it would probably be better. Still this movie looks amazing.

  8. Underwhelming.

    For all the hype this movie’s getting I’m expecting to see one of the most amazingly awesome movie posters in cinema history.

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