Voltron Movie Has Life!

Oh the 80’s cartoon shows that I loved so much. Transformers, G.I. Joe, Thundercats… and oh yes… Voltron!

There has been talk of a Voltron movie for YEARS. Just last year it looked like Fox had everything ready to go and even had a director lined up to do it. That obviously came to nothing at all. Now it appears Voltron may indeed have life again!

The guys over at Worst Previews give us this:

Atlas Entertainment’s Charles Roven (The Dark Knight), Richard Suckle (The International) and Steve Alexander have acquired the rights to make a live-action feature based on “Voltron,” pushing the project forward after several years in development with the Mark Gordon Company.

So it looks like Fox is out of the picture.

Voltron was a cartoon about 5 giant robotic lions that were each controlled by a human pilot. These lions would defend their home world from invasions. Sometimes, when the opposition was too much for the 5 lions, they were merge together and form one gigantic humaniod formed robot called Voltron. Butt kicking would ensue.

I’m not going to hold my breath that a Voltron movie will actually get made. I’m not sure the original show had a large enough following. But still… if it did get done… man I’d be happy to see those 5 lions kicking some ass and then forming voltron to kick even MORE ass… oh the ass kicking would be in plentiful supply my friends!

Do you have any desire to see a Voltron movie? Were you a fan as a kid or are you indifferent to it?

24 thoughts on “Voltron Movie Has Life!

  1. i watched Voltron, just to past the time, really there werent any other good cartoon shows when it aired back then, i didn’t really like it tho. I like Thundercats and Robotech, hope they make those two.

  2. Should be done against green-screen. This could be sssssssooooooooooooooo good if done right. And likely to be so terrible

  3. I loved Voltron and would very much like to see a movie adaption.

    I’m just a little worried they’ll get someone like Michael Bay to direct and that it’ll become a twisted version of its original self. Also, wasn’t there an online rumor a few months ago that a Voltron movie would take place on a post-apocalyptic Earth? I’d prefer to see the setup of a Voltron movie stay more true to the original cartoon.

    1. What, you can’t think of any ways they could distinguish an entire film’s structure and feel from that of an episode of Power Rangers? Besides, it would be the other way around. Power Rangers is quite reminiscent of some aspects of Voltron, but Voltron came first.

  4. I was also a fan. Loved the show as a kid. And yes, Voltron came before the merging bots did on TF.

    There seems to be a following for the series. A lot of the DVD series get snatched up here, but I agree with ya John. Not sure if it’s something that would make a viable live-action movie. If marketed properly, anything could work, but live-action with all that CGI is going to be REALLY costly, and I don’t see this movie generating over $100 mil to recoup those costs. As much as I’d like to see a modern day interpretation.

  5. Damn, and I just sold the air and sea team along with 4/5 of the lions on ebay.

    I really like the cartoon as a kid, but I don’t think it will/can work as a live action. I just don’t see it, but I thought the same way when I first heard that there was going to be a transformers live action, so yea.

  6. I barely even remember Voltron, the only reason I know I was ever a fan is by digging through my old toy box at my parent place. I have toys, books, stickers, etc. but i have almost no recollection of watching the cartoon.

    1. Jim,
      As custumary “call to the vote” you must now pass
      the referendum to forward the notion to film
      Star Blazers to Hollywood.
      Meeting ajurned.

    1. voltron DID come before both of those and I am a HUGE fan of voltron. use to watch ALL the shows, even when they made the computer animation version. Loved voltron.

      BUT Eric has a point. It IS like transformers/power rangers. hahaha that’s exACTly what it is.

      I wonder how all that changing to voltron in space stuff will look. whatever, Im sure it’ll look awesome, but Im just curious. They always use voltron in space so there’s no buildings to fly through and destroy like on transformers. Where’s the reality with he audience? hm they’ll prolly most likely change that aspect of the story a lil bit.

  7. Yes I want to see a Voltron movie and yes I was a fan.


    Do you think watching Voltron form will be better than watching Devastator form in Transformers 2?

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