Video Blog: Movies You Know Will Suck (G.I. Joe) Yet Are Excited To See Anyway

We are a strange species. We do a lot of strange and unexplainable things. One of the stranger things us movie fans do is from time to time know beyond a shadow of a doubt that an upcoming movie will suck. And yet, knowing it will suck, we’re still excited to see it anyway. In this installment of my video blog I talk about this a bit in the context of G.I. Joe. Check it out:

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108 thoughts on “Video Blog: Movies You Know Will Suck (G.I. Joe) Yet Are Excited To See Anyway

  1. I’m totally with you on this one!

    This happened to me with the movie “Fighting”. Looking at the trailer, I knew there was no way this movie was going to be good, yet I still went on opening day. Two reasons I think “why” this is:

    1) In general, I like a lot of movies that involve fighting. My favorite movie of all time is Karate Kid and I’m a big fan of Never Back Down which came out a year earlier. Heck, I even loved the first Mortal Kombat movie.

    2) This is going to sound a little weird, but the music in the trailer got me all pumped up for it. Using “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor was a very good idea for this type of movie.

    In the end, Fighting was arguably one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. The acting was horrendous. I couldn’t believe Terrence Howard signed on for this.

  2. I wish I had a product and had customers like you :)
    Complaining about a bad product but still throwing money at it …

    Like I read somewhere in the comments here, don’t be a sheep.

    If the movie is going to be as bad as you think it will, then don’t support it. Don’t support the creators of it. And least of all, don’t support the studio.

  3. I think this speaks to our love of nostalgia. We can become addicted to trying to relive the feelings we had when we were younger and our emotions were more intense.

    The hope that a movie can reinvigorate those feelings is a bit like looking forward to seeing your first crush at a high school reunion. You know logically that it’s more likely this person won’t live up to your expectations, but you can’t help the excitement of potentially experiencing those feelings again.

    Maybe if you’re lucky, that old crush will still be hot, single, and into you. But odds are…not so much.

  4. Great topic John.
    The only thing that I can think of would be the answer to your question are the trailers. Trailers for the most part are a hell of a lot better than the movies will ever be. You get the best parts of a 2 hr movie in 2 minutes and none of the bs.

    Here is a short list of movie that I can think of that I have seen and knew that the movie was going to be horrible but saw it anyways in theaters……
    Transformers 2, Terminator Salvation, X-Men Origins Wolverine, Jumper, Vantage Point, War, and many more.

  5. Unfortunately I was looking forward to seeing a Max Payne movie, the game had a lot of potential to be a great movie. I absolutely LOVED the game, I really wanted it to be transferred to a cinematic setting, but unfortunately I was HUGELY disappointed.
    It blew.
    Big time.

  6. i think it’s because we have a connection at least on these films before it becomes movies. G.I Joe has a fan base, same as with other films that brings a hype when turned into the movie. like what happened in Daredevil and Fantastic Four movies, they all had fan bases that would draw us into the flame.

    the excitement we get from these horrible films are from having to try it out because basically, we love movies and he have in our minds that there might be something differently cool in this one because there was something “cool” we loved from the original media it was inspired from.

    i think we really get that hype even though it will suck because, like being a dumb girl returning to an asshole guy, is that we in the first place love it deeply. and love hurts.

  7. Hey John
    I love Dragonball and Dragonball z as much as you love transformers. But even I knew that movie was going to suck balls. Yet I was excited out of my frikkin mind to go see it. It seems to be with movies whose source material we are fans of. (did I say that right?)

  8. I now feel 100% that I’m gonna like this film. I change my mind after C.H.U.D.’s review. I remember them giving Transformers 2 a 1 out 0f 10 and since Paramount is the producer of both films it legitimatizes the G.I Joe review.

  9. I can’t wait until GI Joe comes out and I pray it is good if for no other reason than to see John’s reaction, and please John respond to this.
    I say this as a good natured jab and not a knock.

    IF somehow GI Joe is actually good or at least enjoyable, will John eat crow and take back everything he has said so far, pretend to forget all the bad stuff he said about it, or purposefully find enough faults in it to justify his earlier position?!

    Remember John, you have sworn over and over again that it is a certain FACT that GI Joe is going to suck; that there is NO way possible for it to be any good.
    So if GI Joe is miraculously a good, entertaining film you will have a lot of backpedaling to do.

    No Cop-outs!!!

    1. No.

      John already said the Punisher and TNMT would suck, and he maturely said “I was wrong, this movie was good” hes not twelve dude

      Hes not going to lie and say that GI Joe sucked if it didnt to support his earlier opinion about it. If youve been in this website long enough you should know that. Now you do

      I…am SCARED itll suck! PleaseDontSuckPleaseDontSuckPleaseDontSuck

    2. Oh i have been on this site while and no how John is, I just wanted to see if i could get him going!

      Those are not the only films John has had to eat crow on believe me!
      It happens to everyone who comments on movies at one time or another.

      Hell, i’d rather have people think a movie is going to be bad then turn out good as opposed to the opposite which is happening WAY too much in Hollywood these days.

  10. Y’know I think it’s all a matter of curiosity. I mean, we are one of the most curious creatures on this planet, which explains why we are at the same time the most dominant one. We are it’s slaves and we need to see bad movies just to satisfy it’s demands.

  11. Dragonball Evolution. I knew it was gonna be bad, but I HAD to see it. Kill me, but I want to see the sequel. Although, HP6 ended up being a MUCH worse movie. And I agree with you on Wing Commander.

  12. I would suggest that its sort of like watching a car accident on the highway. Everybody has to slow down and have a look. Why? I’ve heard its a sort of “hard-wired” thing, we tend to be curious about a disastrous thing to use as an indication if we should “fight or flight”. Just a theory.

  13. Btw John that “Girls go back to boyfriends” reality show is Rock Of Love or that other show I can’t think of the name.

    Terminator Salvation, I couldn’t wait for that movie and I knew it was gonna be bad…THAT THING SUCKED.

    Day The Earth Stood Still Remake, yep it sucked.

    John, I agree man GI Joe looks awful but I gotta admit I’m a little excited as well. To answer your question, I think it’s our need to be entertained by something. I mean people will see any movie. ANY MOVIE. That’s the only way I can explain it.

    You serious! Dang I was expecting a 2…but the reviews will still come in and I bet GI Joe ends up with a 12 on RT. Julie & Julia has 20! OUCH DUDE. GI Joe, IMO, will suck and we all know it, but why the freak am I excited for it? Just a little bit

    1. Whys everyone so pessimist about this movie…ive been PRAYING that it doesnt suck! I grew up watching GI Joe and playing with the toys and pretending i was snake eyes in the bathroom (and in public) i will NOT betray GI Joe and say it sucks unless i go out of the theater and see that it sucked.

      Trailers are misleading (i liked the trailers but w.e.)

      I hope you all dont get PISSED if it turns out to be good, seriously, why cant we just hope for this movie to be good? If it sucks okay, i understand, but i think its harsh to talk so roughly about a movie based on such an IMPORTANT toy and comic book/show i was brought up with when the movie hasnt even come out yet

    2. Hazmat, I can understand your fanboy hopes that this movie will be good. Your right trailers can be mis-leading. However, just about everything that has been shown or talked about from this movie makes other gi joe fans cry out for blood. At least in the transformers movies there are things fans liked and were happy about. This film I thought the only thing that was good was Snake Eyes and after seening that paris clip…boy they fucked him up too with that latex suit and mouth. If people have the impression the film is gonna be bad then they shouldnt see it. Whats the point of seeing a film that you think will suck and find out your right. Sure their is the chance the film could be good even you felt it sucked. I dont think in that equation fans would feel pissed. Im know fans would feel relived if the film was good. Just remeber thou..if it smells like shit and looks like shit there is a good chance its not chocolate cake.

    3. Yes, but that’s only 6 people man. Wait for more reviews to come, hey if it ends up with w/ a Certified Fresh on RT I’ll be shocked, but that’s good if it does. Are you gonna see the midnight showing?

    4. I cant im going to key west for vacation, and NO ONE is going to be able to see it to post a review on opening day…weve got 4 people, and me, and the 5 of us are all fucking busy that week…none of us will be able to see it till like the 13th…can you believe that shit? Ive wanted to post a review about this movie on OPENING DAY for SO LONG.

      I mean im not sad…at least ill be on vacation…but ive just always wanted to see thismovie liek on a midnight showing or a screening lol

    5. Dude that sucks! I can understand your anger lol. But dude that’s awful. You know that script I have of it? They didn’t make the drafts clear so idk what draft it is. lol

    6. The script you sent me was awesome, i didnt wanna review it though….i was like

      “Aaron would be pissed if i post this review..”

      Thats why i sent you that email, i dont know if youve checked. I dont wanna post your scripts up, i was like “Chances are…this is a bad idea, if i want them posted ill ask Aaron to do it”
      All the scripts where awesome but looked highly illegal to own. Ive still got them. My sisters still reading the new moon one lmao…its fucking long for her but shes happier then ever.

      And thats right! You read it! How do you still think its going to suck!!! That script was so fucking cool!

    7. You sent an email? Recently? Hmm…must have been all those Twitter alerts lol I’ll check. Idk if they are illegal man, hope not, i’m a good boy lol.
      Nah it’s coll you can post a review. But posting the script up? ehh idk. Btw I only read a few pages, but off to read more. And trust me, if I find the GI Joe movie kick ass and awesome, I’ll have to take back every bad thing I said

    8. FUCK, Aaron! You didnt read it?? You had 32 good scripts, and then you had GI Joe, and you didnt read it??? That. Is. A. Sin.

      Well dont read it now itll spoil the movie when it comes out…its badass though. You can tell theyre going to make the snake eyes vs storm shadow fight scene intense

      Haha you probably erased it, i sent it like a week ago

    9. Lol! I know, I have sinned, spare me. Nope, just sent a reply. Let’s talk on there so we don’t hog the comment space and go too much off topic

    10. Hey Aaron,

      Just wondering, I’m gonna feel stupid for asking this, but where do you find the scripts to read them, man?

    11. Lol, no man not a dumb question. Well, I download them, put them on google docs, then take em off my hard drive to avoid viruses, now I can give em to you but I can’t post a link to them, it would be considered spam.

      My email: [email protected]

  14. I am going to break the mold here guys and question exactly why John and co. are 100% certain that GI Joe is going to suck, that it is an undeniable fact!

    I too thought the early trailers were pretty bad and for a while i jumped on the bandwagon myself.
    However, once the anti-Joe bandwagon started to take on a life of itself and become out of control(to me anyway) I had to jump off.

    The backlash against GI Joe online by the multitudes of people who have never seen it is absolutely insane.

    I am not saying GI Joe is going to be good since i haven’t seen it yet but when the Hell did we start crucifying and sealing the coffin on movies almost no one has seen yet?!

    The five “reviews” i have read from people who have already seen either test screenings or advance screenings of GI Joe were ALL extremely positive, and NO i am NOT counting Harry Knowles’ review since as usual I couldn’t get through all of it.

    I am going to give the film a chance and try to go into the film as much of a blank slate as possible instead of sitting there in the theater waiting and expecting the film to fail.

    You guys should try to do the same, because I am telling you if you sit in that theater LOOKING for reasons GI Joe sucks you WILL find them whether they exist or not or whether anyone else sees them.

  15. Superman Returns

    I spent months on the IMDB Boards and every time any new detail came out I complained about how bad the movie would suck. That’s the only movie i ever did that for.

    I was still there opening night.

    1. Dragonball and the Street Fighter movie that came out this year.

      I didn’t see them yet but i feel like I have to watch them. I’ll get around to it some day.

  16. They may only have a few reviews for GI JOE but is sounds like from the reviewers that it is better than Transformers 1 and 2

  17. Hi John, your international friend from India here

    Thats quite an interesting question…
    The last movie that I saw and I knew was gonna suck was “Dragon Ball Evolution”.

    I am also very excited to see G.I.Joe[maybe I’ll see the first show here in Mumbai] and as you said it may well suck!

    There is a long list recapping in my mind now but I won’t waste my time listing all those shitty yet excited to see movies.

  18. The duel between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is the thing I’m looking forward most in this movie. Ray Park is usually awesome in martial arts in his previous movies.

  19. I read two reviews of G.I. Joe from two different “reputable” websites; both reviews were favorable of this movie. In fact, each reviewer thought G.I. Joe was surprisingly entertaining and fun to watch. Each reviewer posted scores of 7.5 out of 10. This was surprising to me; now I want to see it :-)

  20. HA! Yeah I am so seeing this on opening day.

    I just saw another trailer in which Snake Eyes and Stoorm Shadow fight, and holy shit, it had new footage of the fight…i started laughing from how sick it looked. Wow.

    Oh wait ill be on Key West on the 7th…Fuck. Ill see it like…the DAY i get back lol xD

  21. I guess my biggest offense in this category would be “Batman & Robin” From all the one-liners and jokes being dropped in the trailers, you knew it was going to suck, I just didn’t realize it was going to be the poster-child of bad movies that it turned out to be.

  22. Even as a kid, I KNEW that Masters of the Universe The Movie was gonna be bad. But I couldn’t wait. Then i saw it. And I was right. And not only was it just terrible….I still loved it!! And still do! I don’t understand it. G.I.Joe, for me, will be just like Masters of the Universe.

  23. Mine was probably Get Rich or Die Tryin’. I am a fan of 50’s music, yet I knew without a doubt in my mind his acting skills were going to be horrendous and that the movie wasn’t going to be that great. Even with this in my head, I still went opening day with some friends. It was an ‘okay’ movie, but I’d never watch it again and I don’t care for it that much. I knew I would feel that way yet I just wanted to see it.

    I think the reason we feel this way is because we’re just genetically wired to stay loyal to any franchise. For instance, I’m a huge fan of the SAW series (which can be difficult with everyone around me absolutely despising these movies) and I’m excited to see Saw VI. I loved the first four films, but the fifth really left me disappointed. From what Lionsgate has been releasing, I have a gut feeling SAW VI will absolutely disappoint me to the same extent Saw V did. But nevertheless, I’m still absolutely pumped to go see it and I will be there at the midnight opening. We’re loyal to these franchises no matter what. Also, we seem to have a hidden sense of hope deep within our hearts and we unconsciously wish for the movie NOT to suck. We want it to be good, but we know it wont. Sort of the same thing with the ‘bad boyfriend’ analogy you described. She’s loyal even though the relationship fell flat, and she also unconsciously hopes for the relationship to be better the second time around.

    We’re all people running back to our cheating exes when it comes to films and the thing that sucks is we can’t help ourselves, even when we’ve clearly identified the problem.

  24. This one is pretty bad I went to go see CATWOMEN when it first came, I knew it was going to suck the biggest balls in the world but im such a big comic book fan i couldnt help it and yes im going to be ther on opening day of GI JOE and i know its going to be horrible

  25. Every Fast and Furious movie. HEll anything with Vin Diesel basically. I know they are gonna suck but I always want to see them and of that movie Sex Drive.

  26. I remeber seeing the trailers for Spider-man 3 and thinking it was gonna be trash. However, I liked how Venom was gonna be in it and Spider-man was in the black suit yadda yadda. So I was excited to see it on opening weekend. The movie was a 200+ million garbage of a comic movie. Same with Transformers 2 in that I knew it would have the same suckyness as the first film. But I wanted to see it.

  27. -Mad Money
    -Untraceable (Diane Lane + Saw = Bad
    -Deuce Bigalow (both of them)
    -Benchwarmers (well I actually enjoyed that one)
    -Year One (Michael Cera annoys me)
    -Dragonball Evolution (knew it would rape my childhood & it did)
    -Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (back when 50 was hot)
    -Grandma’s Boy (Allen Covert is Samdler’s friend so this must be somewhat funny)
    -Strange Wilderness (Allen Covert sucks, just stick to being part of Sandler’s click)
    -Transformers 2 (never really excited about this one at all, strangely I loved the 1st one)
    -Friday the 13th (2009) [wasn’t even fun at all]
    -Juno (yeah, did not see what the big deal was, can someone explain it to me?)
    -Mummy 3 (This could have been fun, it even sucked at that).
    -Lady in the Water (well at least he tried something different, i guess)
    -Idiocracy (I love Mike Judge, but it just failed)
    -Cars (I’m sorry, but those talking cars just freaked the hell out of me)

  28. This GI Joe film will make money but probably not match any of the Transformers flicks’ box office gross numbers. It’ll have a sequel from the way it looks. But with today’s economy, I’d rather download from the torrents to save me 10 bucks a movie ticket.

  29. Mortal Kombat Annihilation….. Looked like something you would see on the sci fi channel but my butt was still paying the money to sit in the theater.

    1. Regarding Terminator, I was actually thinking it was going to be good from all I read and saw, and wow was I disappointed. I didn’t hate the movie, but I did not like it as much as I wanted to. Somwhere in the middle third of the movie I forgot it was a Terminator movie because there really were none, that’s not good when the movie has Terminator in it’s title. Bale was just ok, not the awesome John Connor I was expecting. Worthington was good, the effects were good and the battle sequences were quite well done. But overall I left disappointed, could have, and should have been so much more.

  30. Here is my question….Why would anyone in their right mind go see a movie they think is going to suck? It’s one thing if you think it is gonna suck but could still be somewhat entertaining, like TF 2, it wasn’t a good movie but it was a fun movie. What annoys me is the people who are so convinced a movie is going to suck and be the biggest turd in the world and that they are gonna hate it, but yet they are there opening weekend and then come here or any other movie website and declare to the world how right they were. Well to me it is just foolish, to waste money on a movie you have pretty much decided you won’t like. Just run out into the street and throw ten bucks there, same effect. Maybe it’s just me, but I cannot ever remember a time when I walked into a movie expecting it to suck. I have expected movies like TF 2 to be not good but fun, but never have I gone to a movie with low expectations. If I think something is gonna blow, I will wait til it’s on DVD, or won’t bother seeing it at all. Like Twilight, never saw it, still have not seen it and if I see it it will be because my g/f and her daughter forced me to see it, it won;t be of my own free will, because I think it is gonna suck. I can’t torture myself like that.

  31. John this movie is surprisingly getting good reviews.

    Chud, aicn, collider, latinoreview, joblo etc are all giving it good reviews. This will be much better than TF2.

  32. Detroit Rock City… there were three of us in the theater and one of the guys was wearing a kiss shirt.

    Horrible movie… knew it was going to suck… had to see it.

  33. Like Sound Designer Dan, I’ve always been excited about seeing the next entry in the Saw series. While I’ve never denied that I freakin’ love the first two Saw films, parts 3, 4, and 5 are pretty lame.

    Now, going into Saw III, I actually did expect great things from it, considering it was directed by the same guy at the helm of Saw II. And while I thought Saw IV was a slight step above its predecessor, it still wasn’t anything particularly…well…good.

    Looking back, I guess it was only the fifth Saw movie that I KNEW would suck, and yet was still exicited to see it. And you know what: I’m extremely excited to see Saw VI, even though I’m sure it’ll end up being one of my least favorite movies of ’09.

  34. Let’s see, I suppose I can say Snakes on a Plane, though everyone knew it was going to suck. I guess that doesn’t count then. Sometimes, movies are so bad that they’re good, but GI Joe isn’t one of them. I can’t really think of a movie that I was excited about seeing though I knew it would suck – other than for comedic purposes. If I HAD to say one, perhaps it would be Harold and Kumar 2.

  35. It would have been better if they used modern uniforms for GI Joe, like modern camo Army uniforms, not The Dark Knight suits.

    And like, real weapons and tanks, and F-22s…and a little more realistic, and have REAL ninjas in it…

    I just think it woulda been cool that way

  36. I’m counting the days ’till the release of “Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time”. But there’s a feeling deep inside that warns me not to have big expectations about this one. And that’s just because of those damn official posters. Damn, they suck so bad.

  37. I think the only thing that can save the GI Joe movie are cameo appearances by Wrestling legend Sgt. Slaughter and former Chicago Bear William “The Refrigerator” Perry, the only two real humans to become G.I. Joes.

  38. John , you used a twist in the videoblog. I would go back to 2005 – The Wicker Man. By seeing the end clip on the internet how terrible Cage his acting was just shocked me, But i just wanted to see the movie because the trailer was pretty good.

    I think it depents of how that present the movie , if its animated and i would be GI Joe , you wont care about it. But now GI Joe is real and got Dennis Quaid + Josepg Gordon Levitt enz and that sounds good and thats also little ways to make you like to see the movie if it has pottential sequel future.

  39. I knew Transformers 2, Hancock, Push and Knowing would suck, but I went and paid to see all of them.

    I think the main reason is advertising and it’s ability to trick people into doing things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

    Or, in the case of the films I mentioned above, people are just excited by bells and whistles.

  40. I felt the same way about GI Joe about 5 hours ago. But I have spent my day off just goofing around on the net and I read the GI Joe review on AICN. Now I know that Henry Knowles is not the end all-be-all of movie reviews, but damn it all, after reading that I found my excitement lvl for this movie go back up to around where it was when it was first announced. I have spent the last several months telling my friends how much I thought this movie was gonna suck! But now, who knows, maybe I’ll end up eating those words.

    As for why we do things we know we’re going to regret. Maybe we’re all, as a society, just a bunch of masochists.

    1. So far every reviewer on AICN has really enjoyed the movie, and they are just as suprised as anyone else that they did! Hey, no one is the be all end all of critics, but guys here at TMB and over at AICN, IMO, are more reliable as critics than supposed “mainstream” critics. These so called professionals look at movies as self procalimed experts, while people on the aforementioned websites look at movies more as movie geeks than critics. I even saw a critic, can’t remember his name, I just remember I don’t like him, say in one of his reviews how he and his fellow critics look at movies differently than the general public….well duh, that’s why their opinion, at least to me, holds absolutely no value whatsoever. None.Zero. I have never read anything by a mainstream critic that makes me think they know anything more about movies than anyone else. In fact I think they know less than we do. Maybe that’s why no one listens to them.

    2. Couldn’t agree with you more, Chris K, about geek reviews. I was just wanting to clairify that I dont take everything reviewers say as gospel of films. I was just expressing my dissatisfaction at myself for wanting to see this movie after reading about how good (not great, but good) this movie actually is compared to the trailers, which could not possibly look worse.

    3. Oh I get your point and agree with it, IMO, anyone who takes any critics opinions to heart is, well, a lemming? I know a guy who lives and dies by movie reviews. I will tell him I saw a movie that was awesome and he will react “Really? The critics said it was terrible” I then proceed to tell him to stop listening to critics and just go see a movie if it looks like something you will enjoy, critics know jack, and be your own person, make your own judgements. I heard so many bad things about Transformers 2 and had I listened I would have never seen it. Well I saw it, and my blanket statement for that movie is it isn’t a good movie but it’s a fun movie, I had a good time. Had I listened to all the people who said it sucked ass, i would have never seen it. But I like to form my own opinions as should we all, and most of us as movie geeks follow our own drummer, and that’s exactly how it should be.

  41. Yeah, thanks to you I knew how bad Spider-man 3 was going to be going into it.

    But John, just remind yourself of those examples in the past where you thought a film was going to sick and suprised you. Correct me if I’m wrong but you thought TMNT and Punisher: Warzone would be car wrecks and you enjoyed them. You don’t know for sure that you’ll hate it.

    I’m excited too; it’s G.I.FUCKING JOE. I’ve dreamed of seeing Destro’s metal head on the big screen for twenty years.

  42. I’m kind of baffled by how much people seem to want G.I. Joe to suck. To the extent that internet commenters have been outright accusing reviewers of lying when they say something positive about it.

    Okay, Harry Knowles may lack some credibility, because he seems to like everything. But CHUD, Film School Rejects and another of the writers at AICN have all had positive things to say. So why with the hate?

  43. First, about the cake shows, they are actually pretty interesting, the sculptures they can make with cake is absolutely mind-blowing. Beautiful to see.

    As for the movies, I totally understand. I am fighting to keep myself from wanting to go see GI Joe. Generally I am pretty good about holding off until they go to dvd. Have to admit though, there is something kind of fun about a bad movie. Especially if you rent it and make fun of it with friends.

  44. personally i dont pay for movies that i think are going to suck…but i will invest 2 hours into watching something that would be some what entertaining. I think the real basis of this commentary would be more along the lines of “WTF makes you think a movie sucks that the next one enjoyed” to me movies are like music, political party, ice cream, & sexual positions…. every one has there own opinion of what they like and dislike. Ace vetura was not the greatest movie ever but hell i payed to see it at the age of 14 and i loved it..i mean i know people who hate that movie and i cant see how ..but to each is to own…IM if u spend 10 bucks on a movie that you know is gonna suck and it turns out it does…your the type of idiot who votes for bush cause u want to kill middle eastern people for no reason…..or should i say lack of “real” knowledge….i have 3 friends that said gi joe would rock….and that was like a year and a half ago when they only seen the teaser….now that they hyped themselves up they have to go pay n see it just to be let down….or hell maybe they just might like it cause its what they wanted for so long…just to lie to every one and say it rocked cause they spent 10 bucks….

  45. I think the movies I’m really excited about but yet they all suck and I leave the theater depressed are the Saw films. Ever since the third one they’ve been sucking really bad but I’m always there opening day.

  46. i think g.i joe s ganna blow sooooo bad but the special effects will prob. save it. But theres been a few movies that i was excited about even though i knew it was going to be aweful. This includes Ghost Rider, The new mummy, Juno, the list goes on and on

  47. This phenomenon you are describing is human suseptability to advertising. Madison avenue people are exerts at getting people to see things they know they don’t want to. I never fall for it, and when people who know better spend their money on things like G.I. Joe they’re basicly supporting a very crappy status quo in Hollywood.

    Don’t be a sheep, break the cycle, fight the system.

    1. MJS, I completely disagree. If it was “marketing”, I’d think it looks good. The marketing makes this movie look horrible… and has turned me off… yet I still want to see it.

    2. I obviously can’t speak for you personally, but it’s no coincidense that it was a billboard that set this off. The quality of the marketing has less to do with it than the volume.

      It’s the marketing that has turned this thing into an event, into a too do. The whole point of this opening weekend mentality is to get people thinking that they need to see these tentpoles regardless of how good they are if only to be caught up with everyone else.

      As long as we as a community keep spending against our better judgement we’ll never have any real power over what gets made.

  48. I saw a pre-screening of GI Joe last night. While all the trailers and news about the movie basically turned me off, I went to see it. Free movies are hard to turn down. :)

    Whoever made the trailer for Joe should be fired! The trailer looked terrible. I actually quite enjoyed the movie! Though I could pick it apart a million ways, it’s a good “turn-off-the-brain” action flick.

  49. You know what John I think this is why a lot of people go and see those crappy Spoof movies like Meet The Spartans and Disaster Movie. And that is why they keep getting made.

  50. The movie that I knew was gonna suck that I could not wait to see was Knowing. I knew it was gonna suck but like you John I was counting down the days to see it. And when I finally did see it I felt two ways, Sad that I paid to go see a bad movie and Happy that my predictions were right. It’s a wierd thing but it sometimes happens like once a month haha.

  51. Hey now…I was with you on the MTV reality shows, but let’s not rag on “The Ace of Cakes” or “Cake Boss”. (Yes, there are actually 2 reality shows about making cakes.)

    1. (Hit “Leave Reply” by accident.)

      For whatever reason I was genuinely excited to see both Ghostrider and Daredevil and I knew they were going to be bad.

      Same for another movie that came out in August last year called “College”. I’m a sucker for high school/college sex comedies but that just looked absolutely atrocious and I paid money to see it.

    2. I saw “College” and I didn’t think it was all that funny. There were some parts where I chuckled but overall I was left feeling bored and wondering what else I could be doing with my time.

    3. It has an 85% on Roteen Tomatoes with 6 reviews so its off to a very very early good start!

      Dont be suprised if this turns out to be a decent movie!

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