Video Blog: It Took Michael Jackson Dying For Me To Realize I Was A Michael Jackson Fan

It took Michael Jackson dying for MTV to actually play some music videos again… and it also took him dying to me to discover I was a Michael Jackson fan. On today’s video blog I talk a little about Jackson, his music and influence on movies, TV and pop culture in general. His memorial service is on it L.A. today so i just thought this would be the appropriate time.

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66 thoughts on “Video Blog: It Took Michael Jackson Dying For Me To Realize I Was A Michael Jackson Fan

  1. I’m glad you invited comments. Michael Jackson was framed–pure and simple. There’s so much evidence to support extortion. Many people still believe Michael was guilty. They were influenced to believe the allegations by the presumed legitimacy of a biased mainstream media. This was wrong and continues to be wrong. To a high degree, mainstream media has gone tabloid and is very destructive to many people’s lives. Now mainstream media will likely target his children–an even greater travesty–because they happen to be Michael Jackson’s children. Your first step in learning how Michael was framed is to read “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” by Mary A. Fischer for GQ Magazine. You can find it readily on the Internet. Then read the book, “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” by Aphrodite Jones. Here’s a link to the first two chapters of her book.
    The whole sordid story is contained in these two sources, but there are many more bits of information that point to his innocence. Yes, it took his death to put a question mark on his guilt but he was innocent. May he rest in peace.

  2. One more thing…we can let this be a learning experience. Not to pass judgments on people, but be quick to choose to see the best and to love them no matter what. We can learn to honor one another now, not because we’re all deserving of it, but b/c we decided to be a people of virtue and honor. Because I believe MJ is in heaven, I believe he is being rewarded above and beyond for his contributions and even more for what he endured. Nothing gets past the Creator. Nothing was in vain. MJ is completely whole now and experiencing the Love that he deserved and longed for and sung about.

  3. John, I commend you for being so honest and real and humble. I believe we will see him in heaven, where we can express then our appreciation and gratitude for his contributions on earth and in this life.

  4. I’ve never actually come across your videos before and stumbled in because the title of this blog struck me, but I do absolutely agree with your viewpoint here and think it was well said. This is just the kind of openminded look back (finally, as I only did it after his death) that led me, like you, to realizing how much MJ’s humanitarianism and talent spoke to me on a level far outside any hint of bandwagon-hopping. I also never knew how overwhelmingly all evidence pointed to his innocence in the criminal trials, and I’d not previously seen enough candid videos to understand the honesty in his childlike regression. It all makes me feel guilty and shameful to think about. Plus, it’s like a cruel joke that all this admiration we have is shadowed by the blanket of it being just too dang late, and yet because we’re enmeshed in society, it probably couldn’t have played out any other way.

    Anyway, the ramblings are all to say well done =)

  5. THank you for being humble and honest enough to share your thoughts….
    I was convicted of my pride and ingnorance in my criticisms of Michael in just believing the media reports. Who am I and who are we to believe the Medis..did I know him personally? NO…do most people know him personally? NO..Did Brooke Shields know him personally YES…….who am I and who are we to judge anyone in the media spotlight….knowing what we know about the media these days….good grief….If we have a God who can forgive sin…and throw our sins as far away as the east is from the west and remember them no more when we ask…then…all of us have blown it and done stupid things…ALL of us….take heed for any of us who is so proud to think we can stand thru anything and never fall…I will with God’s help try to never criticise or judge anyone I do not know again, based on what others say or think….
    Anyone who is in the spotlight or who teaches is judged more severely…no one is perfect…but EVERYONE can take their troubles and faults and mistakes to the cross and get forgiveness and have the strength to carry on no matter what is said or done to them. This is a private thing and no one can take away what God does in someones life.WE DO NOT KNOW ANOTHER PERSONS HEART but He does.
    When I finished watching all that memorial service I felt like I had been given a big lesson, and a second chance…like it was a test of sorts…Reminded me of this verse in the Bible that the Apostle Paul wrote.
    “we are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed, we are perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed”….2 Cor.4:8-9
    I think that was what was the underlying message from Mr. Sharpton, and others…he got knocked down but he got back up…he never stopped…he was certainly hardpressed on every side..
    blessings and grateful to you for admitting your thoughts to us…Penny

  6. I’ve always been a Michael Jackson fan and will continue to be until my dying day.

    There’s just something about his music that reaches so many people and his songs are instantly recognizable to this day.

    I never once believed the allegations against him for child molestation and such. MJ was an “odd” person in the eyes of the media and people were always trying to exploit that.

    As for Billie Jean vs. Beat It. I personally think Billie Jean is his BEST song. But my FAVOURITE song by him is Beat It , followed closely by Human Nature (One of his most underrated songs).

  7. John,

    It’s great you mention his songs about positivity but he also had songs that were of pure anger. “They Don’t Care About Us” and “D.S.” are both so incredibly angry to the point you expect him to swear (he did spew out “fuck” in that “Scream” song).

    The thing about Jackson is that he wasn’t also just a great singer and dancer, the man was also a damn great composer as well. People say that all he made was bubblegum pop but ask any music critic or music professor out there and they’ll say that most of Jackson’s hits were masterfully composed.

    I used to be a Jackson fan when I was much younger. I had the fedora, the sparkly glove, sparkly socks, shoes, everything. Only now that he died that I’ve appreciated his music even more. He may have been a weirdo but don’t most geniuses tread that fine line between greatness and insanity?

  8. Here is my little story:
    A now non-exist PC game called Gods and Heroes MMORPG I was in the beta program (3yrs ago). They had a forum contest on what animations would you like to see your avatar do. Out of the thousands of entries mine made the top 5 or 10 and they all got animated into the game. My suggestion the moonwalk. I still have the video file of that. The GM at the time sent me a 30sec clip of the thriller dance done to MJs music. Something that could have never been posted due to copyright issues and noone has ever seen it outside that beta program.
    I still love his music and to one of the posters above yes our media loves negative news and its just ironic how now all this new stuff is coming out.

  9. Thats Definitely one of your best videos EVER.
    Thanks John…I feel the same way as you do.
    I took me Michael’s death to realize i’m his fan.

  10. I’m a little bit bewildered about the people who turn up to threads like this and accuse anybody who likes the music being on some sort of bandwagon. Its becoming its own anti-band-wagon-band-wagon.

    Yes, you’re probably right that most people didn’t think twice about his music until recently. But most of us have fond memories of trying to copy the moonwalk, had the hook from Billie Jean stuck in our head for days on end, or done the Thriller moves at parties. I still have vivid memories of the enormous steel statues for the release of ‘History’.

    His death triggers those memories and a re-evaluation of how we feel about his music. Just because we weren’t rabid fans in the recent past doesn’t mean we’re not entitled to say that yes, we were fans and his music in his hey-day, and it was a huge part of our younger lives.

    But on another note, I hope Quincy Jones gets the recognition he deserves soon… Really when I think of Jackson’s best work, its a crime that Quincy Jones isn’t a household name too.

  11. I may be publicly castrated for saying this but its been on my mind all day and I need to get it out.

    I am an assistant manager at one of the 39 theaters nationwide that showed the live coverage of the memorial service at the theater. While I was there being managerial I went inside the theater to make sure that everything was running smoothly and I would hear and see people crying. Later on when a local news station was there interviewing people there were people on camera that were crying as hard as MJ’s own family. When I saw this (although I felt like a stone-cold piece of shit) I couldn’t help but think of these three words:
    I don’t care.
    Now to be clear I am not at all happy that he died. I did enjoy some of his music and I do sincerely believe that his influence on culture as a whole will be gravely missed but to be honest I just cannot bring myself to care that much that he is gone. I didn’t know him personally, and he did not touch my life in any way shape or form and because of that I just don’t care. I am sorry that he is gone but honestly my life will not be changed because a singer has died, no matter how famous or influtential that singer was.
    One other thing that has irritated me to no end is the fact that the only media coverage that I have seen that I can remember about Michael Jackson before he died has been all bad. From the pedophelia charges to dangling his children from a hotel balcony, nobody cared to say anything about MJ unless it was something bad. And now that he has died everyone is coming out and saying how much of a hero he was and how much he touched the lives of those around him and just how special he really was. I see these broadcasts and think to myself: “you know if you jackals had been this supportive of him when he was alive he might still be alive.” Seriously, thats all the media does they continue to cover only the bad of anything, be it war or celebrity mishaps nobody talks about all of the good that goes on in life and whenever a celebrity dies all of these people come out of nowhere to say how wonderful that person was.
    Its very painful as a proud American to see that this country is full of so many self-serving inconsiderate jackasses that only care about their ratings or how they look on TV.

  12. As someone who was born after Thriller, I’ve spent a significantly larger portion of my life laughing at Michael Jackson than I have listening to his music and I’m not going to come out and pretend I’ve been a life long fan the way some people are. I suppose he was good at what he does, but pop music bordering on bubblegum isn’t my thing. Prince was a lot better and I hope he gets at least half of the attention Michael Jackson gets when he dies.

    I’m sure John’s feelings are genuine and this isn’t directed at him, but frankly i’m pretty suspicious of all the rest of the people who were happily making mean jokes about him when that was the cool thing to do who are suddenly pretending to be life long fans now that that’s become the hip thing to do. On a large scale I find it kind of sick that the media which did everything in its power to exploit him when he was hated is still exploiting him now that he’s aparently some kind of American hero.

    In short, where were these people when Michael Jackson needed them? These people seem like a bunch of sheep just jumping on whatever bandwagon seems to be in vogue at the moment.

    1. “Prince was a lot better” – You can’t just claim things like that, music is subjective and quite frankly, more people enjoy Michael Jackson’s music than Prince’s though they are both enormously talented.

  13. Im so sick of this MJ obsession right now. If he hadnt died noone would even care about him. He was a deeply troubled man with a great many issues who happend to be a talented singer and dancer. However the news coverage of him has been so ridiculous I have a hard time thinking about it it pisses me off so much. a few years ago everyone wanted to seem him in jail for touching little boys, now that hes dead its like hes Jesus or somthing.

    1. The media coverage is extensive because this is a man who literally transformed and revolutionized pop culture and music. Michael Jackson is possibly the biggest celebrity in the world and is responsible for breaking so many barriers in music. He continues to influence generations to this day with his music. The sheer amount of people who are distraut at his death shows how much he was loved and, like John said, it took his death to realize how much he really meant to us.

      And I disagree with your assessment that nobody would have cared about him if he didn’t die. The selling-out of his European tour disproves that point.

  14. Have people seriously forgotten how much money he paid OFF those parents to drop the charges? I mean yes…he didn’t want the ‘bad publicity’. But who in their ‘right mind’…yes…in their ‘right mind’…would pay someone off with 20 million dollars if they were innocent??? I mean look…this guy was beyond wealthy…but come on.

    That being said, I don’t know if he is guilty or not…I just think people shouldn’t be so forgetful and forgiving. This man was incredibly talented and just an electric presence on stage…but as a human being, no one can deny that his life was pretty fucked up. Even for a ‘celebrity’.

    1. Just to really draw out my main point here…

      I think people need to realize that what we’re really celebrating is not necessarily his ‘life’ but actually his ‘music’.

      Or is it just me :P

    2. Hey DG,

      The issue is simple… the $20 million he had to pay was NOTHING compared to the damage the whole things was doing to his life. That case would have dragged out for YEARS and killed him personally and financially along the way.

      The question you ask should be asked in reverse. What parent would just accept money instead of prison if their child had been molested?!?!?! Answer: None

    3. Er- John that isn’t necessarily fair. As we have seen with the OJ case- sometimes civil cases are not purely about money.

      It is possible they had little more evidence than the kids word (even though it might have happened) and so not enough for a criminal trial.

      If that was the case then as a parent I would seek any other means necessary to get back at the SOB who did stuff to my kid.

    4. Brendan,

      The police brought Jackson in to do a strip body search and take photos of Jackson to check out statements that the accusers made. The search and photos contradicted the accusers statements. This info is all online and public knowledge.

    5. Settling out of court is often recommended. The amount of money you’re going to end up spending on lawyers and trial fees will far outweigh what you paid to settle most of the time.

  15. I was raised on a strict diet of Michael Jackson. The Smooth Criminal video was the coolest thing I’d ever seen as a little girl, and I used to try to do the lean all of the time. I was and remain an MJ fan.

    My heart broke when I heard that he had died, and the circumstances surrounding it makes it even worse. I really hope that everyone does what’s in the best interest of those kids. His daughter speaking today made me cry.

  16. Billie Jean team all the way!!! beat it was good, still had nothing on Billie Jean. Well, I defended when i was 10 and i will defended him in 05. He has always been innocent and i with the light faith that i have in our judicial system. A man will go down as a true legend of pop. This was a great video blog. You have the point right. Now that a man is dead, people will start seeing the good in him. That we dint value what we have till it gone. Sad enough that it was human in this case. Tonight, my sorrows will be with everyone that feel the magic happen on stage, in the audio, on the screen, in the smallest of speakers. May he rest in peace

  17. The thing I don’t get, is that people attack the character of Michael Jackson consistently, even after his death, and yet people are giving Roman Polanski roles in Rush Hour 3, even after fleeing the country after druging, raping and sodomizing a minor. Oh, and the Pianist won 3 Oscars too.

    I’m the type of person who doesn’t care 1 BIT about a celebrities personal life, ESPECIALLY when they are as talented as both of these examples are. Everyone just needs to learn about how it is possible to take a celebrities personal life out of their work. It would make people remember Jackson for the genius he truly was.

    Oh, and Billie Jean is the vastly superior song ;)

    1. A big assumption in your statement is people who might attack the character of MJ are the SAME people who don’t criticize Polanski- which is flawed logic.

      Personally I criticize them both equally and both don’t deserve any praise for anything as far as I’m concerned.

      What I hate is people seem to excuse things based on talent. If a guy living in a trailer in the bad side of town was to ‘just sleep’ with a kid- it would still be jail for him. But when it happens with MJ people say “Oh ya but he’s sooooo talented!”

      Since when is talent a pardon in the eyes of the law?

    2. Hey Brendan,

      Talent isn’t a pardon in the eyes of the law. There being no proof of guilt, a tape recorded conversation of one of the fathers admitting he was just trying to get Jackson’s Money, and a police strip body search of Jackson that contradicted statements from the accusers is what pardoned Jackson…. you know… unless you have proof that the court didn’t have.

    3. All I want to really reply to right now, as it’s four in the morning over here :D, is this. I’m not saying talent is a pardon, all I’m saying, is don’t say you hate the persons art for the simple fact that their personal life is fucked up. If you hate what they do because it’s not your style, then thats fair. But dont combine personal life with art. Thats all :D

  18. Hi John,

    I am glad that Michael Jackson is getting the recognition that I feel he deserves. After years of his reputation getting worse, I was cynical that he would ever make a comeback, but it seems that it has taken his death to make people realize how he touched us all.

    Personally, I was a Jackson fan before his death, and it makes me happy to see a lot of people come around. This is a lesson on how people need to trust our legal system more. People are more than happy to take judgment into their own hands, but they never question the legal system that is “good enough” to send people to prison for life, or to send them to their deaths. If a legal system can do these things, then they should be able to restore people’s trust in accused pedophiles.

    From the moment he was born, Michael Jackson was a ray of light in our otherwise dark world. He was brought here to bring happiness to others. Have you ever seem him sing and dance as a young kid. Good lord, I mean, he was full of that spark BEFORE he was in the Jackson Five.

    1. Oh, come on leeloo…

      Yes, there may be some of us who find Jackson’s media antics questionable from the past fifteen years or so. But he was still a great musician and humanitarian. There was some things he did that I didn’t even know about until yesterday- because the media reported on some eccentric behavior and not the positive behavior.

      Even the hardest of hearts, after even catching one minute of the memorial on TV had to be moved.

    2. @ Darren J Seeley
      “…the media reported on some eccentric behavior and not the positive behavior.”

      You are now doing precisely what the MEDIA wants you to do. They’ve changed their tune – and thus the rest of the mindless do as well. I don’t need the media to tell me what to think or how to view someone. MJ’s life was strange – BEST of terms. Was he a great song writer? Absolutely! But OJ was a great football player – who likewise was not convicted.

      Just some food for thought.

    3. Hey Seth,

      The comparisions to OJ are absolutely ridiculous. OJ got freed despite mountains of evidence that pointed to his guilt.

      Jackson had mountains of evidence pointing to his innocence, including a Police strip search of his body that contradicted an accusers statements PLUS the father of the kid caught on a taped phone call acknowledging he was after Jackson’s money.

      No evidence was given that ever pointed to guilt.

    4. Darren, i didnt see any of the live coverage of the memorial yesterday.
      i saw on cnn last night his daughter crying and that just broke my heart.
      i hope his adopted children can make it through all of this alright.
      thats really my only thought about the whole thing.

      but i said ive never been a fan. thats all.
      and him dying doesnt make me a fan.

  19. It seems to be the case for many people John, as so many of his songs and albums have shot into the download charts and internet shops has been haemorring mj cds. I did wonder why all these people didnt already own these in their collection.

    The craziness of all these people getting tickets for the memorial, when just weeks ago I was anticipating tickets for the third of his fifty concerts. Maybe its selfish but the timing of the death intensified the shock for me.

    1. “I did wonder why all these people didnt already own these in their collection.”

      I’m guessing most do, or did, but on vinyl or worn out old cassette tape.

      I think its just a case of people wanting it on the new cd format to relisten again.

    1. Yeah you know, donate a bunch of money, touch a couple of kids- the guy was a real humanitarian! Always giving…

    2. Yes he was a real humanitarian, and one of the world’s most charitable philanthropists.

      Take your slander elsewhere.

  20. ive always loved the guy, and ill admit at the time i thought he did molest the kid. but when he was proved innocent i decided he probebly didnt. im really saddened by his death.

  21. Michael Jackson is one of the greatest artists of all time. We will never find another person with the talent and skill of MJ. His greatness and his impact is beyond words. It’s unbelievably sad that we have lost him so soon.

    btw. i’m loving these video blogs. keep making them!

  22. Been a Michael Jackson-fan since i saw the Bad-video at the age 5 in 1987, it’s also the first music video i can remember seeing. I never stopped being Jackson-fan and probably never will.

  23. I liked him when he was younger, when he actually still sung music. As he got older and changed his appearance and also quit singing, his constant add libbing during songs with random ooh-oohs, and ah-hahs annoyed the crap outta me.

    But I will never forget the young man from The Jackson Five who always made me smile with his incredible voice and talent.

    1. Michael had been doing the “ooh-oohs” and “ah-ahs” ever since Off the Wall. Besides, that’s his signature distinctive vocal style.

      Anyways, you alleged he quit singing – Credibility shot.

  24. I agree John, great video. I’m sorry that it took him dying for my opinion on him to change. Seemed like a nice guy, and I think in his mind he was still a child, but it’s still shocking i mean when I got home from Transformers the day he died I was shocked to receive the news. It’s cool though that when these big celebrates die it brings out the best in people. I’m sorry that he’s dead.


  25. I’m on team ‘Billie Jean’. No doubt about that.

    It’s hard to find celebs who don’t do something really fucking stupid. For most, it’s drugs, hookers or a drunk driving charge – Michael Jackson dangled a baby off a balcony. To me, that’s the only real blip on his documented life and I think he overcame it. Sure, I thought it was possible that he’d had sex with children but since it was never proven, there’s no point believing it.

    I’ve been watching some of this memorial service though and contrary to what Rev. Al Sharpton seems to believe, Michael Jackson did not free the slaves, die for our sins or heal the world before Live Aid started :)

    1. “contrary to what Rev. Al Sharpton seems to believe, Michael Jackson did not free the slaves, die for our sins or heal the world before Live Aid started”


    2. I always found him too asexual to pull anything like that with a kid. I watched his interview with Oprah from 1993 on Youtube the other day and she comes right out and asks him if he’s a virgin. He reacted like a eight year old boy would react if you asked him if he had a girlfriend. Even still, he put himself in a precarious situation by having kids in his bed like that.

  26. Gotta admit I’m feeling the same way. The last 15 years of watching and reading about him IMO destroying himself made me forget how great he really was artistically. I still have my feelings regarding his exploits of children but you can’t deny the man has given a ton to countless charities. I’ve been listening to his CDs for a week now and been reminded of the way I’d like to remember him.

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