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I think Matt Damon is more than awesome. Awesome checks itself against a picture of Matt Damon every morning to make sure its still doing its job. More awesome than Ewoks. Ask John.

Anyways, his latest film project is called The Informant! (which comes with its own exclamation point) and I just can’t wait to see it.

IMDB writes it as:

Based on Kurt Eichenwald’s 2000 book, “The Informant” is the tale of Mark Whitacre (played by Matt Damon), an Ivy League Ph.D. who was a rising star at Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in the early 1990s. The bipolar hero wound up blowing the whistle on the company’s price fixing tactics and became the highest-ranked executive to ever turn whistleblower in US history.

Damon rocks that pushbroom stash like no one else, and you can just feel the frustration of the federal investigators every time he opens his mouth. This looks just great!!

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10 thoughts on “The Informant Trailer Online

  1. Mother Of God – Scott Bakula, the Goddamn Kurgan & Joel McHale in one movie, not to mention Damon. This one’s gonna be a full pricer.

  2. I’m in Bloomington, Illinois about 30 miles north of Decatur and the ADM headquarters. My wife went to college there (at Millikin University) in the 90s and was friends with people who grew up with some of the families that went down in the scandal.

  3. Awesome looks at a picture of Matt to make sure its doing its job.good one Rodney.Well this movie is going to be cool.His character(Whitacre) resembles one of his personalitys in Oceans eleven.

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