Ryan Reynolds As The Green Lantern Picture

This is absolutely confirmed fake. But it’s done so well I just had to share it with you guys.

As most of you know by now, Ryan Reynolds has scored the lead role in the upcoming comic book movie “The Green Lantern”. He wasn’t my first choice, but he’s certainly a choice I like. Anyway, the guys over at /film had a reader send in this great fan made picture of Reynolds as the emerald avenger and they did a fantastic job with it.

So how do you think Reynolds looks in green?


47 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds As The Green Lantern Picture

  1. Man, that’s one retarded looking costume. Why such a departure from the comic book version? I understand spandex doesn’t work on the big screen, but the graphic design doesn’t need to be that radically changed.

  2. The character is GREEN LANTERN. Not THE GREEN LANTERN. Just like it’s not THE SUPERMAN, THE SPIDER-MAN, OR THE INCREDIBLE HULK… wait, scratch that last one. It’s still GREEN LANTERN, though.

  3. If they stay true to the source material (that would mean Geoff Johns’ current run in the comics)and that the filmmakers (Martin Campbell/WB Pictures/DC Comics also)and the actors involved (Ryan Reynolds/hopefully Hugo Weaving gets cast as Sinestro) take this whole thing seriously plus phenomenal CGI effects from ILM/Digital Domain , then Green Lantern will THE NEXT HUGE COMIC BOOK FRANCHISE…in the vein of maybe Lord of the Rings.
    There is so much potential with this character and its supporting characters (the GL Corps), not to mention the villains .

  4. looks great. much better than i thought itd look. cant wait to see the real thing, i hope they fix some of this up a little tho

  5. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! FROM THE NECK UP THAT LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE HAL JORDAN man this may be very fucking sweet after all.

    and as for the neck down that wont be a prob as the real deal movie costume will be custom fit and very slick looking man im really hyped for this movie now

  6. I don’t like it. The Mask is a bad Chop of the Cowl from the Dark Knight stained green. The way he is standing is super unnatural. The only part I dig of the picture is the chest symbol. That is nice. The rest is very hack.

  7. I’m disappointed that they cast Reynolds as the Green Lantern, I think he would have made an amazing Flash!
    Saying that he does look good as Lantern.

  8. Green Lantern is corny as hell. The first time Ryan Reynolds utters the Lantern oath or makes a giant marshmallow to catch someone thats falling off a building or something I’m out. Deadpool will suck as well but I bet It’ll be alot more fun.

  9. I’d say Ryan Reynolds might have been better if he was cast as the Barry Allen/Flash instead. But since he’s Hal Jordan now, let’s see how he does in the GL flick . I’d say make a trilogy or quadrilogy out of Geoff Johns’ current run in the Green Lantern comic books right now. (Rebirth/Sinestro Corps War/ the current Blackest Night story). That’ll be mind-blowing in my opinion.

    1. Rebirth: Way too confusing if you’ve never read the comic.
      Sinestro Corps War: Would take a trilogy all by itself, at a cost of about $300million per film.
      Blackest Night: Same problem as Sinestro Corps War.

  10. nice job on the brushes. but he looks a bit funny with that mask lol, and he is a funny man i’m just saying that i hope he can give us a really solid performance(not that i think he can’t) i like him in Smokin’Aces :) can’t wait for the official posters ^^

    1. That was the one problem I had. The mask seems very awkward but other than that I think it is pretty sweet. I would have liked to see Will Smith in the role. I would rather see him be the green lantern than Captain America.

    2. @MandarinOrange

      Will Smith would make a decent John Stewart, but I’d rather see Hal Jordan in action first then bring in John, Guy, or Kyle in sequels.

    3. I agree. The Green Lantern universe is expansive and they shouldn’t rush into unveiling all of it right away.

    1. Me too, for some reason I thought Cooper fit the part more physically, a little more aged, but this is green lantern at the beginning, so I won’t right off reynolds until I see the movie.

  11. I hope his hair is black in the movie, if so then perfect

    Do you think DC did this casting choice to piss MARVEL off? It seems like it…theres millions of actors out there…

    1. In some its black in some its brown but ti deffinatedly isnt dirty blonde

      In this picture its brown but id rather see it black

    2. Not that it matters, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it black, just really really really dark brown. (DC Encyclopedia also notes the color as brown). If Reynolds goes black I’d think of him as Kyle Rayner. Jordan’s hair has been a varying degree of brown throughout the years that Reynold’s hair color looks fine to me.

      This is the blackest I’ve ever seen it, even still, it’s brown:

      then in the early days you have the really light brown:

    3. Hazmat can you please cite an image? Because I have read the green lantern for YEARS and Hal Jordan has never ever ever ever had black hair. He has had brown hair, dark brown hair, brown hair with grey streaks….. black is kyle.

    4. Hal Jordans hair has always been brown, and then brown with white on the sides and then brown again. Kyle Ryner has black hair.

    5. Wtf!? It wont post… WHy cant i post links all of a sudden?

      Well theres plenty of them with him with black hair and i personally like those better

      Besides I like him as a black guy better anyways

    6. Yeah you guys are right, Kyles hair is black.
      I double checked at my links and it was the other dude from the Corps
      Its just theres five and its confusing, his hair looks green half the time anyways from the light.

      Sorry bout that

      I hate it how in DC theres so many of the same heroes, Like Flash, its so confusing sometimes

    7. “Besides I like him as a black guy better anyways”

      I never got into John Stewart as GL in the comics but will admit he rocked in the Justice League cartoon.

      “Well theres plenty of them with him with black hair”

      eh, not really. Scott is blond, Jordan is brown, Gardner is red, John and Kyle are black…but those two are easy to differentiate. ;-)

  12. Holy CRAP that looks great.
    I really thought that was a real shot until I read the description,
    It looks really good!!

  13. I think he looks great, he was my second pic of the three though. I’m still very happy with this choice. Wasnt really rooting for Timberlake at all.

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