Nightmare On Elm Street Banner From Comic Con

We already had our first look at Freddy earlier today from the upcoming new Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Now we get a glimpse at the first Nightmare banner that’s being hung over at Comic Con in San Diego.

Like the earlier Freddy picture, it’s pretty clear that they’re going for the classic look and style of the original film. It’ll be interesting to see what direction it goes in from here.

Picture comes courtesy of ShockTillYouDrop


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7 thoughts on “Nightmare On Elm Street Banner From Comic Con

  1. now thats how you make a teaser poster!!!!!

    Its freaking awsoeme but i was still bever big on the films plots hopefully this can film can change all that

    A pedafile that goes round killing children in there dreams now in 1080p blue ray1!!!

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