Nic Cage in talks to play Green Hornet Villain

I have always liked Nic Cage, and I actually like him just as much as a villain as I do the good guy. He can fit both roles so easily. One other thing about Cage lately though is that he tends to be a skunk magnet, tossing his fair share of stinkers out there. But I still have hope for the guy.

So when I heard that Nic Cage was going to be joining Cameron Diaz in the batters box as a potential cast member for Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet (which despite rumours of hiccups, Seth insists is still going full steam ahead), I can’t help but have a glimmer of hope for his role with a tiny shadow of doubt.

Cinematical shares:

Diaz is negotiating to play a reporter and love interest to Rogen, while Nicolas Cage is in talks to play the gangster villain. Johnny Dollar perhaps? Someone entirely new?

I really hope they go for the better known villain of the Hornet pulp books. Hornet is such a small demographic of a fanbase that you could do just about anything with the badguy, but just for the fans it would be cool.

Either way, it looks more like its shaping up than down even if I am still overly hesitant at all just because Seth is the Hornet. Still can’t wrap my head there until I see it.

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27 thoughts on “Nic Cage in talks to play Green Hornet Villain

    1. Seth has more hits than misses, and Cage has proven he CAN hit it. I am skeptical too, but to assume its going to such just because you want to means it will no matter how good it turns out

  1. Rogen destroys the GH….adds the Worst “actor” of all time. Let’s really kill the hornet and complete the “triangle of Horror” Ben Stiller as Kato.

  2. I don’t know why people don’t appreciate Nic Cage. He was a great actor in the past, if that doesn’t help, he even pulled good roles in the present[well not ghostrider or next]. And did the haters seen Face Off, he was freakingly great as a bad guy.

    1. You just explained it to yourself. He WAS a great actor in the PAST. Most of his recent roles have been phoned in and he’s been pretty much acting on auto-pilot.

  3. With Rogan in the mix would would hope there has to be some laughs..Him and cage working off one another yeahhh ummm judgement reserved..

    And thanks Darren no sequel to knowing and wicker is comforting but would feel better If you guarantee no remakes or sequels of City of Angles, wind talkers and the Oscar winning classic kiss of death then some sleep make be possible.. LOL

    Anywho I will pretty much watch any Rogan/Apatow work so I guess cage or not, I will be putting up my $20(au)to see it..

  4. I think he’ll do it. If it a staight ahead action film, it’ll work for him. If it is an action comedy and Cage does his expected over the top nutcase? That is gold.

    But I always had hope for this.

  5. Yo, I am with Rodney. Nic Cage movies suck in so many ways, but for some unexplainable reason, I’m drawn to Cage like a moth to a flame. 7 times out of 10 he will just slap me in the face and make me hate myself and my movie theater; but there are those occassions (Mathstick men) when Cage makes me a believer. Do I think he can convincingly play a Green Hornet villain? Not a chance. But will I pay to see him give it his best? You’re dang right!

  6. Well Nic Cage has always been hit and miss. Family Man… yeah that was cinema at its best (sarcasm, if you didn’t notice) His list of movies read like a list of some of the most re-watchable movies in the last 20 years and some movies that you just want to walk out of the theatre and take a hit out on everyone who was involved..ghost rider springs to mind.

    Kevin is right though if we get a return of cage from face off then im in, his part in face off was of the best villians in recent memory. But if its Nic cage from Guarding Tess then im out. I guess its going to be a head or tails situation.

  7. Yessssss, Cage my favorite will become a perfect villain , Face/Off time is returned.

    1. Has everyone completely forgotten Moonstruck, The Family Man, and Adaptation? Already? Genius movies that would not have worked nearly as well without Cage.

    2. Cage has been in some great films in the past and given somse great performances(“The Rock”, “Face Off”, “Con Air” just to name a couple), but lately hes been in some shitty movie(CoughGhostRiderCough) and “World Trade Center” Was good, but he just sucked in it.

    3. OK. Seriously. All you Cage lovers really need to get a grip. The guy hasn’t been in a decent freaking role in several bloody films now, and the references about how great an actor he WAS does not change the fact to how bad an actor he now IS. He’s become Al Pacino: WAS GOOD, NOW SUCKS! Please, DO NOT let NC (that’s Nancy for anyone that cares) be the villian in this movie (or honestly, any others).

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