Miley Cyrus Spreads her Wings for Disney

Smilin Miley Cyrus will be a teenage fairy stretching her wings in a new Disney flick called … Wings.

Dark Horizons says:

Cyrus will play Laurel, a 15-year-old who grows up sheltered and home-schooled in a small town.

Adjusting to a big high school is difficult, and her suspicion that she’s not like the other kids becomes a reality when she sprouts a pair of wings and learns that she’s a fairy.

I think it is really smart for Miley to ride out this Disney channel ride as long as she can. One day she will have to make that step into the grownups world of music, but right now she seems to be unable to do wrong, dominating that market. I do think its also a good idea that she branch off the Hanna MOntana thing as it is going to give her a little more of a lifespan in Disney’s small world.

I think she has some potential to be big beyond the Mouse, but only if she plays her cards right. Otherwise she will have to resort to crazy head shaving tactics to get attention!

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34 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Spreads her Wings for Disney

  1. I think that miley cyrus is not fit to be laurel, because first of all she isn’t at all fairy-like and second she’s suppose to be blond and I don’t see her as sweet and conservative. Maybe they can change the character to someone who’s more fairy-looking or sweet conservative looking. Hey! maybe Taylor swift can do the part, you know she looks like a fairy and she’s blond and she looks more sweet and innocent.(no offence to miley though)

    1. And what are fairies supposed to be like? Slender and delicate like Taylor Swift? Have you ever SEEN what Miley looks like? Shes all skinny and petite. Why does she not look like a fairy but Swift does??

      And Blonde? Hollywood has this wonder special effect called hair dye that they have been using since the dawn of cinema. Hair colour is not an obstacle. And perhaps you know so little about Miley Cyrus that you have never seen her blonde, but her Hanna Montana character was always blonde.

  2. I think that she’s really going to be great at playing Laurel. Having read the book, I know that she fits the character really well playing guitar, same age and so on. It’ll definitely reach a particular audience with this casting, but I think it’s good as people who don’t know the book can get to know it.

    1. I don’t really like to burst your(or anyone’s)bubble but some people think of miley as “the racy teenager of our generation” and I think anyone with that tiltle should notplay this role.

      1. Since when does their personal life have anything to do with why they play in a movie?

        Besides, there are a lot of people who think sweet innocent little Miley Cyrus isn’t doing a very good job trying to be racy because all they see when they look at her is this adorable cute innocent girl.

        Its called ACTING. They pretend to be something they are not.

  3. miley is a joke…she better ride out her career with disney cause she is a horrible singer who is full of herself….lets be real she isnt HOT…she is just young and that attracts to pedophiles…yet the disney marketing has gotten her into the homes of youth everywhere…these kids grow up and so does choice in music….thus why hanson………or any other child bands usually die out…cause no one wants to hear and see a spoiled rich little kid talk about heartaches and problems they go through….she wouldnt be anything if it wasnt for her dad.

    1. There is always something destroying todays youth when my parents were young it was the Rolling Stones when I was young it was Rap and Brittany Spears.


    2. I was waiting to see what Grandpa Bob there had to say on the topic and then I was going to list 10 or so “kid to teen” franchises of my youth that were just like the current Disney kids shows.

      Kids Incorporated, Menudo, MMClub, and a dozen other animated franchises or pop bands that made up my childhood didn’t “destroy my youth” any more than this moral based young programing of today is.

    3. But casting a singer with no acting experience instead of an established young actor makes sense?

      How on earth do you think that Taylor Swift in any way deserves an acting role in anything? You have NO grasp of her ability.

      Its just dumb when people suggest non actors for acting roles over actual actors because they might be a fan of their music.

    1. Nothing wrong with it at all. I just don’t like Miley Cyrus. But maybe it’s because I’ve become a grumpy old man, and feel out of touch with the youth of today. That, or she’s just annoying as hell. Oh yea, and the Jonas bros. can kiss my butt too. Please, don’t ever post about them!

    2. Sorry man. Despite your personal feelings for those individuals, if we feel like talking about them we will.

      Just because its a film or franchise you don’t care about, doesn’t mean it isn’t “worth” talking about.

      You are free to skip over articles that don’t interest you.


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