Miley Cyrus Auditions for Batgirl in Full Batsuit

The rumour mill is in overdrive on a slow post ComicCon news day, and word has it that Miley Cyrus has auditioned for Batgirl on the off chance that they hope to include the character in an upcoming Batfilm.

World of Superheroes shares:

Cyrus auditioned for the role of Batgirl and might be considered by Warner Bros. for a future role in the series.

According to, the “Hannah Montana” star reportedly “stunned” Warner execs during her audition, even dressing for the part in a “full batsuit.”

Now this just sounds like publicity stunt news (which I realize the irony that I am perpetuating) but I just can’t see them opting for a “Batgirl” character in the Nolan era Batman franchise. Keeping things simple and gritty real is working much better for the franchise.

Should Nolan continue on, I imagine he would maintain his “No Robin” rule, which as a subclause would likely imply a “no Batgirl” rule. Also, if they did choose to make a Batgirl movie unrelated to the current franchise, they should be reminded how well an unrelated off canon Catwoman did for them.

I know there are those who would mock Cyrus for the attempt, but I won’t rule her out as a Disney kid until she proves she can’t make it without the Mouse.

However I am sure that this will just turn out to be either blind rumour, or if it did happen, its validity ended with the amusement of those she “auditioned” for. Impressed by her enthusiasm.

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83 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Auditions for Batgirl in Full Batsuit

  1. Rodney, you are joking, right? Young’s career, though maybe not completely kaput, is relegated to Lifetime movies and small independent films. She had a co-starring role in Blade Runner for God’s sake, not to mention Stripes, and freakin Wall Street. To say that her stunt hurt her career is an understatement. It’s too bad, but true. As for Cyrus, I don’t hate her, Jamie Foxx-style, but I’m kinda sick of her.

    1. Really? Because she was never AList to begin with, and didnt get worse after that stunt. She wasn’t hurt at all by it. So if you suspect that Cyrus would maintain her degree of success as a result of this stunt, then I think you are flopping on that comparison.

  2. I trust Nolan, he makes good Batman movies. If he choose to cast Miley as Bat girl or Cheer as Cat woman like in the previous rumor, so be it. A few years back I recall a lot of you losers were angry at Nolan for casting Ledger as the joker, curiously the same people who bitched about Ledger were praising his performance and now consider him the best joker ever. The moral his, Stop bitching and let Nolan do his work.

  3. I’m surprised this site is propagating such an obviously bullshit rumor. As stated before, if Robin isn’t appearing in a Nolan Batman film then Batgirl has no chance.

    And personally, I don’t mind. There are plenty of things which can be done in the next Batman film that don’t involve sidekicks.

    1. The only people propgating anything are the commenters who are not reading the post.

      The article doesnt say she was ASKED to audition, just that she showed up in costume and they were pleasantly surprised by it all.

      They are not planning to add a Batgirl, Cyrus was attempting to get the jump on the casting (if it was going to happen) and showed up.

    1. I do, actually poeple are always telling me i read too many comic books/books. but that was so awesome. Everything about that page was so amazing.

      The fact that he was like a little kid, it was night, raining, and batmans scary self picks him up with one arm after beating the fuck out of 6 cops that where about to execute the kid and yelling at his face
      and batman realizes that for once he didnt accomplish to inject fear into someone, a twelve year old, and then realizes this kid is perfect for the role of a sidekick.

      Those pannels where just so freaking deep i re-read them like 50 times.

      My 2nd all time favorite was when Rorschach shakes Nite Owls hand after arguing and saying “Im sorry dan, i know sometimes its hard to be around me, but….you are a good friend”

      Holy fuck hot cakes those 2 scenes in comic books are beyond anything epic.

      But thats just me =D

    2. Kanthan, people are going to be impacted differently by the visuals and moments in a comic. That you don’t agree with his assessment as to the best comic page ever written, doesn’t mean he needs to read more.

      For me, the best pages have been in Excalibur, during the Cross Time Caper in an issue dedcated to Nightcrawler where he is a swordsman/pirate. We really get to see him kick ass and it rocks.

      Also the issue where Joseph, (the younger clone of Magneto) finds himself on a farm. Seriously the best issue of XMen I have ever read.

      But that’s just me.

  4. Hey, could be worse.

    It could have been Lindsay Lohan in a Batsuit.

    i know.
    i’m a rotten apple.

    Anyway, Batgirl isn’t in the next Batfilm.
    Let alone Miley Cyrus.

    (Note: she already PLAYS a character with a “secret identity”)

  5. Well, I remember seeing a video that was posted from Comic Con yesterday. I forgot if it was this year or last year, but Gary Oldman was doing a panel and a fan asked him when the next Batman movie was coming out and he said in 3 years. I think it might of been mentioned on this site. Or he might of been just messing around.

  6. When they made Barbara Gordon Commissioner Gordorn’s wife instead of daughter, and found a redhead to play her, I felt they were leaving her open to don a mask.

    At this point, she is one of the few who know Batman wasn’t the killer, and that he just saved her son. She might put on a mask to help him out at some point in repayment.

    She could also take on the role of oracle, feeding information from the Commissioner to Batman to help keep him ahead of the manhunt.

    1. And Gordon couldn’t name his daughter in honour of his wife? (maybe she dies) Batman is still young. By the time they reach an appropriate age to introduce Junior Bat team members, they could plant the seeds now.

      I still dont think it will happen.

    2. Interesting point, however…

      1) If Melinda McGraw was cast when she was on The Commish (next to The Thing Mike Chikilis, no less) I’d say you’re on to something.

      2) I don’t think she’d be “Batgirl”. Now, she (as Rodney pointed out) could be the ‘mother of’ Batgirl (or aunt, if we went Year One style) In fact, let’s say Gordon’s wife is…well, let’s say Batgirl. Where would she get her gadgets? Where would she find the time to take care of the kids with her husband being the new, ahem, Commish?

      3) Why would she put on a mask to help Batman? Why would she need to? Why not just back up her husband? After all, even without Batman Jim Gordon still has a police force to run and will still consult with Batman in secret Not to mention that it’s also possible that, due to the swarm of Bat-impersonators, the general public may not 100% buy that Batman ‘killed’ Harvey Dent/Two Face without cause.

      4) Gordon might be headed for divorce. After all, he faked his death and his wife thought he was dead; the DA flipped and went insane, The Joker may be caught but he escaped capture before…who is to say the next Bat-foe won’t target Gordon and the family? Indeed, in the comics, he does go through a divorce with his first wife and later remarries

  7. Girly Pop stars, any pop stars for that matter and comic book Movies don’t mix. Your core comic bookers hate the popygirl and boy band actors. if you place a pop star in a comic book moviie you risk backlash…

    1. Depends on the comic book.

      What happens when Dazzler shows up in an X-Men film?
      What happens if there is a new version of Josie & The Pussycats?
      (granted, the Archie spinoff was made into a film with actual actresses back in the mid 90s…)

      And so far, nobody, to my knowledge, dismissed william from The Black Eyed Peas in the Wolverine film, even though that character was a minor one, and the character Maverick was near insignificant.

      In the Daredevil director cut, Coolio got a ton of praise. True, he didn’t suit up or anything like that, but he was in a comic book related film.

      I’m not suggesting that there should be pop stars/rock stars etc in comic book related films. What I am suggesting is that there is a time and place for them.

    2. Lets also remember that Miley was a Disney TV actor before she was a popstar.

      Granted shes better off singing than acting, but I am not counting her out just yet. There is SO much potential for a young person like her to be molded into so much more.

      Right now shes coasting on fame. If she has to actually TRY to do something different (which so far she seems to be making the effort) she could evolve.

      DiCaprio was a child actor pretty boy once too.

    3. Cloud,

      There is a difference between taking a child tv actor who sings and crafting them into a better actor, and a rapper who’s only acting is pretending they are so street while relaxing in their mansions.

      Sorry. Maybe as bit parts or glorified extras, but not to carry a film.

  8. Aside from these movies being darker or whatever, I think Batman has to regain his position as the people’s hero before we see Robin or Batgirl. Dark Knight left off with Gotham thinking Batman was a bad guy. That story should be resolved before time is spent to develop a back story for side kicks.

    1. I don’t get the character of Robin, I mean why would a hero who dresses up like a bat and takes on criminals like The Joker,Two Face, The Scarecrow and others want to bring in a tween?.

    2. Well, why not bring in his sidekicks so they can help him get back on the track to being the hero Gotham deserves. Like learn from eachother. Lets face it, Batman now needs all the help he can get.

      And if Batgirl and Robin were both in the film, Nolan would make them dark and badass. You can count on that.

  9. If we do see Robin or Batgirl it should be after four films when we need a hero but I am not tired of Batman in anyway.

    Nolan Nolan Nolan

    Please make the next film.

    Cannot not wait to see his next flm.

  10. Never before have I heard such bullshit!

    Don’t believe it for a sec!

    What will they make up next? One of those Jonas brothers playing Robin?

    Maybe in the 90’s but not in this era of Batman! No freakin way!

  11. If those Warner Bros. Execs have any braincells left they hopefully won’t go throught with this.

    Oh, andi have to agree with Hazmat on some occasions the robin storyline is cool (but not all that cool) I think the reason he didn’t want him in there was because they were going for a more serious and darker batman and the campiness just wouldn’t sit right.

  12. I will not go and see the Batman movies if miley is in it. I will storm the gates of Warner Bros and protest until i die for her not to be in it. I think she’ll ruin the whole quality of the Batman series if she’s even associated with it. I say let Johnny Depp in for the Riddler and Miley Cyrus out as Batgirl.

  13. Shame.

    The page of ANY comic book ive ever read was with Robin involved.
    When his parents get shot in front of him in the circus, the guy misses robin, so the corrupt cops pick him up to kill him, and they stop in some forest to wack him to death and Batman (Who was in the circus watching the show) pwns the cops in the rain, then he picks up robin with one arm and yells at the little kid
    “Youve been recruited! Youre now in a war! Welcome to my world!”

    Im just disapointed that someone as genius as Nolan cant see how essential Robin is.
    As for Batgirl, she wasnt that important, i dont care about her but Nolan is being narrow minded;
    statements such as “Robin will NOT work in a batman film” or “Batgirl will NOT work out in a live action batfilm” are ignorant

    1. I will never ever ever say Nolan is crazy about his choices for Batman or any of his films.

      I will Admit when I heard Ledger was casted as Joker I was a little pissed. LOL Yea than I saw the Teaser over a year before its release and when I heard Ledger voice and then laugh Oh did I feel chills like never before I was blown away just by that and when I saw the film It was hard not to cry at how amazing his performance was. He was everything I wanted from my Favorite Villain of all time other than maybe Vader but thinking about it he kicked Lord Vader in the Balls.

    2. Well, it really wouldn’t make sense to include Robin or Batgirl unless Nolan pushes the story forward by several years. Robin’s probably like an infant in Nolan’s timeline.

    3. Anything is possible. They could cast any character and provided it was handled well, it could be a success.

      Still, I don’t see Nolan (or anyone) going for Robin or Batgirl anytime soon.

    4. Yeah, I used to think the Mandarin was impossible but, Rodney enlightened me. Although the odds for him being cool are very slim.

      And I dont see why Batgirl cant be in the Nolan films. Batgirl was gritty, she was never goofy or anything, i dont see why not. I just dont care about her. I care about Robin, the coolest comic book character ever. (and Ozymandias)

      I was glad they chose Ledger, because their first choice was Michael Keaton…i was like “NOT MICHAEL KEATON!!!”

    5. Robin is a major character in the Batman mythos but he is not essential to every portrayal of Batman.

      I don’t agree that Nolan is being narrow minded, he’s already spent time delving far deeper into the Batman lore than any of the previous movies. Besides, there are many other equally and moreso interesting avenues that can be explored with the next Batman film.

    6. Robin simply isn’t essential to where Nolan wishes to take the franchise and if he doesn’t want him then I don’t want anyone to force him (e.g. Sam Raimi and Venom)

      I think they should create another separate Batman franchise in the near-distant future with the explicit intention of bringing in Robin for the dynamic duo, that would work best I believe.

    7. Rodney, do we really need more than 3 Batman movies in Nolan Universe? The actors may not want to come back for a fourth and Nolan may not even want to come back for a third. It might be hard to capture the same feeling that the first two (possibly three) movies had especially if none of the main players are involved. Creating a new world for batman after the third movie doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I’d rather they start a new one now than mess up the third movie.

    8. Who says they will mess up the third movie?

      They have done great so far. Why not keep going. Just because other franchises have a habit to do so (Spiderman3, Shrek3, Pirates3) doesn’t mean that they HAVE to mess it up and be forced to start over again with a new franchise.

      I want them to make as many Batman films as they can provided they hold to this current trend of quality.

    9. I agree that they won’t want to start a new franchise so soon but I personally don’t see Nolan making more than a trilogy. They may want to continue the franchise from there with another director and add in Robin.

    10. They may not mess up a third movie, they may not mess up a forth movie. But if they do I’d be saying it wouldnt have been better if they didnt make it.
      Also it wouldnt feel the same without Christian Bale. It also wouldnt feel the same if they took away the “realism”. Think Die Hard 4.0. Not saying they would do that but if they choose to go that route I’d like it to be set in a different universe. For instance I wouldnt want to see Superman in the world that Nolan created. I also wouldnt want to see Batman able to fight someone like Superman. That could work in a different universe but it wouldnt feel right in the one Nolan created. Not saying they would do that

      It would open up possibilitiers just by changing the universe.

    1. Well there are always be exception, especially for the recent Batgirl, the mute ones, Cassandra Cain. She was so dark, so badass, she even killed a man when she still a child. She can be infused in Nolan’s world of Batman.
      BTW I’m still hoping for Catwoman to be into the next movie. Marrion Coutillard will be a perfect choice in my opinion.

    2. that’s exactly what i thought! i really hope they don’t include her! its not that i hate her its just she’s not a good enough actor for the part! batgirl fights alot and i cant imagine miley doing all that she’ll look stupid!

  14. She should have gone in as Harley Quinn — the execs might have appreciated the craziness. But it probably would have gone over their heads since they probably know nothing about the characters in Batman anyway.

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