Holy Crap These G.I. Joe Clips Look Like SHIT!

My jaw is on the floor. There is this new clip out for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie, and I’m completely in awe of how terrible the visual effects look. No seriously… they look like half assed video game cut scenes.

Just look at how bad and animated the characters look. And right at the beginning of the clip watch the character’s “face” when he says “I don’t have them. Where are they”? It looks SOOOOO fake. It’s so animated you might as well slap Roger Rabbit in the scene. Check it out:

The real shame is that the scene looks like it might have been a half decent action sequence, but the effects are so bad I can’t get around it. Anyone have any hope left? I still have a little… not much… next to none… but a small glimmer.

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