Ghost Busters circa 1954

This is a silly fun look at what Ghost Busters might have looked like if it was created in the 50s.

A lot of fun, and certainly would have worked.

I was actually fooled for a bit until I started noticing familiar scenes. I couldnt believe that Ghost Busters was a remake and that I didn’t know about it! Fortunately my faith in my moviegeek status is restored when I started to recognize it was a clever mashup. Quite convincing.

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10 thoughts on “Ghost Busters circa 1954

  1. I know the two Bob Hope movies, Cat and the Canary and Ghost Breakers[both great movies]…but what were the other ones in the mix?????

  2. that what was the best “fake” trailer possibly ever made–kudos to whoever took their time to entertain us, thanks !

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