First Look At The New Freddy Krueger

There was a lot of complaining when it was announced that the great Robert Englund would not be returning as Freddy Krueger for the new Nightmare on Elm Street relaunch. To me it made sense. It’s a new beginning for the franchise, so you NEED to change actors. I love Englund… but you need a new Freddy for a new start.

Replacing him wasn’t going to be easy, but they ended up making the PERFECT choice when they cast Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach from The Watchmen).

Anyway, the good folks over at Coming Soon are giving us our first peek at what Freddy is looking like. He’s still in the shadows here, but they are CLEARLY not moving far away from the classic look of the character. What do you think?


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22 thoughts on “First Look At The New Freddy Krueger

  1. I think its not as good as the original freddy because of the burns and the glove and some of the actors arent very good and sometimes movie remakes should have actors as close as the old ones

  2. I agree with Kike Micheal Bay cannot produce a goo movie to compliment the original..I re-make doesn’t mean destroy the original with your sideshow ideas , which delude the movie from what it is known for, and make-up is always easy to make u look freaky,, but when it comes to Freddy it is a must the voice and punch lines are in perfect timing..and that is what will be lacking in this film,,England didn’t do because you don’t have to re-make something that was done perfect the first time around..Heck you’d better off watching the original to geta good scare..but hey you got people who will go spend money just because,,misleading the director that it was a good job on the movie when like he messed up Devastator in the first one and totally destroyed him in the sequel with that junkyard dog mix with a king kong arch contraption

  3. first of all i seen the trailer it looks like crap…another thing the voice sucks…nothing like original…another thing his face is totally different..last anything Michael Bay sucks……he totally changed transformers…which sucks compared to original

  4. Haley is a perfect choice, loved him in Watchmen i think he can pull it off. I actually liked Friday the Reboot hopefully i will enjoy this one even tho they didn’t have to reboot a classic

  5. Cool pic indeed, brings back fawned horror memories, but it’s really not that much to go on.

    I want to see his face, see if they can make a burnt dead guy walking around look even better then they did before.

  6. John—-

    WTF do you mean “clearly”?????
    I can’t see a damned thing!!!!

    I make out part of the burned ear, the hat, one finger knife scratching a wall (chalkboard?) but I can’t get too excited about it, I can’t compare old vs new makeup (it should be said that the question itself is irreverent anyway, the Freddy makeup on Englund had altered in various films.)

    But I am not thrilled with the promo shot.
    What a jip.

  7. The funny thing is, I can’t help but think that when Haley speaks as Freddy, people are going to be like, “Man why is he using the Rorshack voice?” You know people will. They did it with Bale and his ‘Batman’ voice in Terminator.

  8. I will admit i was very anti-remake nightmare. That is until they announced Hailey as Freddy. I love this pic and I hope this is going to be the feel for the entire film. I want a HORROR/SLASHER movie. Not a gore fest or M. Night Shamalyan creepy story with a twist. I want this movie to make me not want to go to sleep just like the orginal films did when I was eight years old.

  9. Yep, this design is definitely “Classic Freddy.” Of course, all that really matters is whether or not Haley’s performance will come through, though after seeing him in Watchmen, I have the utmost confidence in Haley.

    1. Holy shit I would have never thought that! Now that you mention it he does.

      I personally still think Hailey should get nominated for best actor.

  10. The look is always going to be classic, what determines how good it’s gonna be(I think) will be how much of Haley’s interpretation of Krueger comes through the makeup.

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