53 thoughts on “Best Twilight Picture Ever

  1. FTW!!!!!! ALL THE Way.
    Its 3.52am here and I can’t stop laughing, I bet I work some one up.

    Blade Pondering – Another DAY walker, Well I’m gonna FIX it.

    I’m definitely going sleep happy for sure.

  2. LOL, hell yes! Awesome pic, almost makes up for this series being so damn stupid.

    Now I wanna pay to see Blade fuck him up.

    Awesome pic, thanks for posting it John!

  3. Blade is debating whether or not Edward is a “vampire” or not and wondering if he should kill him regardless…..and before the fanboy/girls get pissed….it was just a joke.

  4. Um..am I the only one who doesn’t like it? What’s so funny about it? Besides Blade looking like he’s about to kill them lol

  5. Freakin’ sweet. The whole Buffy joke is pretty funny too, but it’s just so awesome the way Blade is looking at Edward in this pic. Priceless. Thank you so much for posting this, John.

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