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The other day we posted up some pics from the new Woody Harrelson Zombie comedy “Zombieland“. I’m not huge on Zombie films because they’re all basically exactly the same. I mean… EXACTLY the same. But there are some exceptions and this one looks like it could be one of those. The Zombieland trailer is now online and I’ve got to say I think it looks like fun. And hell… who can resist a movie with Bill Murray as a Zombie? Check it out:

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17 thoughts on “Zombieland Trailer

  1. It looks good. But when they make a comedy about a franchise it kinda means that it has to go away for 20 years then come back with a remake of dawn of the dead.

    1. Amen to that brother! Looks great, love the whole “Zombie Kill of the Week” when the old lady drops a piano on an undead bastard. Its like the old cartoon schticks, greatness.

  2. This is refreshing! I have slowly started to become all zombie’d out. The fascination has turned mainstream, and I feel more and more exhausted with the entire genre.

    Too much of a good thing.

    But this, this is freakin’ amazing! I love this trailer! It doesn’t feel too stale or overdone; and has a lot of life to it. It has completely rejuvenated my obsession with zombies.

    Hopefully this isn’t just a setup for a major disappointment.

  3. by far teh greatest thing I have seen in the past five minutes. I am so there. This movie will revolutionize zombie movies for years to come. Okay, it’s aight. It’s okay. I guess.

  4. This movie looks very funny and unique. i hav to agree with John that most if not all zombie movies are the same contrived bullshit. i love shaun of the dead because it pointed that out and this looks like no exception. not to mention that i have always been a huge fan of woody harrelson and he hardly ever doesnt put in a solid performance and he comes off really likeable and down to earth.

  5. lol i have no idea whats going on, but tis looks interesting. i saw numbers on some of the cars, so is it a contest or a game show kinda thing, or survival?

  6. Fucking. Awesome.

    I’ve always been a fan of Woody. Good to see him in this kinda role. And yes, Murray as a zombie? I’m so there.

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