The Hangover Sequel To Shoot Next Fall

Probably the biggest surprise hit of the year so far would have to be The Hangover. Man I just loved that flick… not just because it’s a movie about trips to Vegas (I love taking road trips to Vegas about once every month or two) but also because it’s just flat out hilarious. I really enjoyed the film and the simple way it was shot.

With the movie being a box office power house, it’s no surprise that talk of sequel popped up almost immediately (which to me is good news), and now in a recent interview Bradley Cooper has confirmed that it is indeed happening, that that they’re aiming to start shooting next fall, which would probably give us The Hangover 2 in 2011 sometime.

Hell Yeah! I just hope they go back to Vegas again. (source: extra)

12 thoughts on “The Hangover Sequel To Shoot Next Fall

  1. Guarantee Hangover follows in the footsteps of National Lampoon and American Pie. Churning out crap movies year after year following one or two major successes.

  2. I thought it had the best Ending ever for a comedy.

    When they said Lets look at the pictures just once I thought to my self they should have those on the ending credits and they did it.

    1. I thought that they weren’t going to show them, but it still would have worked that way too, but I am glad they put them in the end credits.

  3. While I found The Hangover to be an enjoyable romp, I believe that this is one of those movies which doesn’t necessarily need a sequel. In Hangover’s case, it’s best to leave well-enough alone.

    1. At the end of it they said at least 3 times that they would come back next weekend. That sounds like setup for a sequel but i’d rather see something different. We’ve seen vagas already.

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